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Jan. 8, 2019 @ 7:00 PM at the The Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
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NITNC Yard Sale 2018 maps and addresses Jun. 15, 2018
Maps and addresses
Left Turn Signals Active at Barnes, Shawnee at Ind Nov. 14, 2015
Improvements to W. Francis Intersections, Belt, Alberta, A St and Indian Trail postponed until funding in 2016.
NITNC Meeting 9-13-11: Crime, Barnes, Business Upd Sep. 11, 2011
The next regular monthly meeting of the NITNC will be Tuesday 9-13-11 at 7PM at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, 8441 N. Indian Trail Road. There will be an update on Barnes Road PUD, business activity in our shopping center, and the crime crisis. There will be time for comments from the membership concerning the crime situation.
NITNC Mtng 1-11-11: Impact Fee, Barnes PUD, Jail Jan. 10, 2011
Our next meeting will be at 7PM on Tuesday 1-11-11 at the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church. We have two important votes on the agenda. We will discuss and vote on a letter to the City Council stating that NITNC is in favor of enacting the Traffic Impact Fee ordinance NOW in the form recommended by the Plan Commission. The City has determined that the Application for the proposed Barnes Road Plat/PUD has expired, and the developer filed an appeal of that determination. The appeal will be heard by the City of Spokane Hearing Examiner in Feb. The membership will be asked to vote on an authorization to spend some money on legal assistance. John Dickey, Peace and Justice Action League, will speak in opposition to the New Geiger County Jail as currently proposed.
NITNC Meeting 9-14-10: Mayor Discuss Budget Crisis Sep. 12, 2010
Just a reminder that our next meeting will be at 7PM on Tuesday 9-14-10 at the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church. Mayor Mary Verner will make a presentation on the 2011 City Budget crisis and take input on this problem from the membership.
NITNC Meeting 5-11-10: Engr Update, Yard Sale Reg May. 9, 2010
Just a reminder that our next meeting will be at 7PM on Tuesday 5-11-10 at the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church. Ray Wright, Senior Traffic Planning Engineer, will provide an update on the Traffic Impact Fee and the City’s plans for Transportation Capital Projects. Registration forms for our Saturday June 19, 2010 NITNC YARD SALE will be available.
NITNC Meeting 2-9-10: Police Ombudsman Feb. 6, 2010
Our next meeting will be at 7PM on Tuesday 2-9-10 at the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church. Tim Burns, our new Police Ombudsman, will discuss his new role. We will have an update on the Pacific Park practice fields that District 81 is proposing to build. We will take a vote on a Resolution urging the Mayor and the City Council to support funding for the maintenance and updating of our new Baseline Traffic study that is so important for the determination and successful implementation of Transportation Impact Fees for new developments.
NITNC Meeting 10-13-09: Oct. 2, 2009
Our next meeting will be at 7PM on Tuesday 10-13-09 at the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church. We will hear from the candidates for the open Judge positions, and Fire Chief Williams will speak on the Fire Dept. Bond proposal. We will hear from District 81 about ideas they have for their land below Pacific Park and the Lutheran Church. We will vote on a proposal to use our planning funds for the preliminary engineering for widening Indian Trail Road from Kathleen to Barnes. Dump passes will be issued. Passes will be good from 10-17-09 through 10-31-09.
NITNC Meeting 9-8-09: Little League, H1N1 Sep. 4, 2009
Our next meeting will be at 7PM on Tuesday 9-8-09 at the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church. This is an important meeting, where the membership will vote on the position we will take as a Neighborhood Council on Little League Baseball’s effort to build high quality youth baseball fields in Spokane. To see our Findings and Recommendations on this issue, click on Findings Report on Little League Baseball.doc Also, we will have a presentation on the H1N1 virus (Swine flu) vaccination program, and NITNC's plans for the coming year. To see those plans, click on NITNC Plan For 2009-2010
Summer Concert Series 7/22 and 7/29 Jul. 21, 2009
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church is having an Outdoor Summer Concert Series at the church at 8441 N. Indian Trail Road. Their next concerts will be as follows: Wednesday, July 22nd • The Fat Tones, Rock and Blues, 7:00 – 9:00 pm & Wednesday, July 29th • Molly & Tenbrooks, Bluegrass, 7:00 – 9:00 pm. The concerts are free community events open to the public. They will take place on the hillside lawn of the church and occur during the evening sunsets offering a brilliant backdrop for the music to be enjoyed. People are encouraged to bring a picnic dinner/dessert, blankets, chairs and anything that will add to the relaxed outdoor concert experience.
NITNC Meeting 6/9/09: Candidates Night Jun. 4, 2009
Our next NIT Neighborhood Council meeting will be on Tuesday 6-9-09 at the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church on Indian Trail at 7PM. Representative Kevin Parker will give us a Legislative update from Olympia. Then candidates for the City Council, District 3: Nancy McLaughlin, Karen Kearney, John Waite, Barbara Lampert, Victor Noder, and Christopher Stevens will state their qualifications and platform, and then answer a few questions from the floor.
INDIAN TRAIL ROAD CLEANUP 4-18-09 Apr. 12, 2009
Indian Trail Road is the window into our wonderful community, and we want it to look good. On Saturday morning April 18, the NITNC is sponsoring a cleanup of the trash and pine needles on the sidewalks, drainage strips, and gutters plus removal of the weeds growing in the sidewalk joints. YOUR HELP IS NEEDED. Stop by the Work Assignment table in the Indian Trail Church parking lot from 8AM until noon to find out which section of Indian Trail Road needs your attention. Bring trash grabbers, rakes, brooms, and square nosed shovels or hoes. Plastic trash bags will be provided.
NITNC Meeting 4/14/09 7PM, Dump Passes Apr. 12, 2009
Our next NIT Neighborhood Council meeting will be on Tuesday 4-14-09 at the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church on Indian Trail at 7PM. Our Indian Trail Spring Clean Up program will be discussed. One hundred $30 dump passes will be distributed at the meeting on a first come, first served basis. The passes will be honored by the City as payment for up to $30 in dump fees between 4-18-09 and 5-3-09.
NITNC Meeting 2-10-09 7PM, School Bond, Census Feb. 6, 2009
The NIT Neighborhood Council will meet on Tuesday 2-10-09 at the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church on Indian Trail at 7PM. Carol Peterson, from the US Census Bureau, will discuss the upcoming 2010 Census and their effort to recruit 7000 people in the Spokane area to conduct the Census. Dr. Nancy Stowell and Dr. Mark Anderson, from Spokane Public Schools, will discuss the 2009 Spokane Public Schools Bond and Levy that will be on the 3/10/09 ballot. Remember to bring your spent compact fluorescent bulbs to the meeting for recycle.
NITNC Meeting 1-13-09 7PM Neighborhood Services Jan. 9, 2009
Our next NIT Neighborhood Council meeting will be on Tuesday 1-13-09 at the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church on Indian Trail at 7PM. Jonathan Mallahan, who heads up the Office of Neighborhood Services, will be our main speaker. He will present Service Awards to two of our members who have faithfully provided vital leadership for the Council for many years. Then he will give us an update on the services his department will provide the Neighborhoods in 2009. Remember to bring your spent compact fluorescent bulbs to the meeting sealed tightly in a zip lock bag, and deposit them in the blue recycle bin which will be placed outside the entrance to the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church.
NITNC Meeting 12-9-08 7PM Dec. 6, 2008
Our next NIT Neighborhood Council meeting will be on Tuesday 12-9-08 at the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church on Indian Trail at 7PM. We will have two special presentations this month. Kai Hushke and Shallan Dawson will introduce us to Envision Spokane which is a project that proposes some significant revisions to the Spokane City Charter. Deborah Bisenius will discuss the Spokane Greenhouse Gas Inventory and what we can do as individuals to reduce these emissions. We will also begin a new NITNC service that will collect spent compact fluorescent bulbs at each meeting and deliver them to the City recycle center.
NITNC Meeting 11/11/08 Splash Pad & Sustainability Nov. 9, 2008
The North Indian Trail Neighborhood Council will have their next meeting on Tuesday Nov. 11, 2008 at 7PM at the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church. We will have a report on "Spokane's Sustainability Strategic Plan" from Suzanne Croft, Sustainability Coordinator for the Office of the Mayor. Also, Carl Strong, Recreation Supervisor from the Parks Department, will discuss the design process and schedule for installing our "Pacific Park Splash Pad". Photos of the water features voted most popular by the students at Woodridge Elementary will be on display starting at 6:45 PM.
Neighborhood Party-In-The-Park 8-10-08 Jul. 20, 2008
You (and your kids and grandkids) are all invited to the Indian Trail Neighborhood Party-In-The-Park planned for Sunday 8-10-08 from 11AM to 2PM in Pacific Park. There will be games and prizes for kids, a Bouncy Castle for the little kids, and a bouncy water slide for the bigger kids. Local businesses will have booths. This is a real community event that is a collaboration between "", Indian Trail Church, the North Indian Trail Neighborhood Council, and local businesses. Come and enjoy a fun time with your neighbors. Bring blankets and/or folding chairs.
Mayor Mary Verner - NITNC Meeting 4/8/08 Apr. 3, 2008
Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 4/8/08 at 7PM at the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church. Our main speaker will be Spokane Mayor, Mary Verner, who will discuss the State-of-the-City and key issues her administration will face. Also, free dump passes will be handed out at this meeting.
NITNC Meeting 3/11/08: New Neighborhood Policing P Mar. 9, 2008
Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 3/11/08 at 7PM at the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church. Our main speaker will be Spokane Police Lieutenant, Craig Meidl, who will discuss the new Neighborhood Policing Program that will be implimented later this year. This program will put additional patrols in the Northwest part of the city and improve policing effectiveness in our neighborhood.
NITNC Meeting 1/9/08: "Councilman Steve Corker" Dec. 14, 2007
Our next meeting will be Tuesday January 8, 2008 at 7 PM at the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church. Our main speaker will be Steve Corker, our new District 3 City Councilman. He will give us an update on the 2008 City Council.
NITN Meeting 2/12/08: "Our Water Supply" Dec. 14, 2007
We will meet again on Tuesday February 12, 2008 2008 at 7 PM at the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church. Our main speaker will be Erin Casci, Program Manager for the Spokane Aquifer Joint Board. This will be an opportunity to learn more about our water supply from the Spokane Valley – Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer, how this system works and how we can protect it for the future.
Indian Trail PumpkinFest & Clothing Drive 10-28-07 Oct. 15, 2007 is sponsoring another event in the Greater Indian Trail Neighborhood. The first annual Indian Trail Pumpkin Fest and Warm Clothing Drive will take place on October 28th from 12-3pm in the Alberston’s parking lot in Sundance Plaza. There will be an area for children to paint or otherwise decorate pumpkins, and the first 100 kids to RSVP to will have the opportunity to participate in a scavenger hunt with all of the local sponsors, and receive a free pumpkin to paint at the event. You are also encouraged to help the less fortunate to fight off the approaching cold weather by bringing a new or gently used warm winter clothing item to donate at the event. Please call Lisa Hartin at 879-1402 with any questions. We look forward to seeing you there!!!
Council Candidates Night at NITNC, Thurs 10/11/07 Oct. 4, 2007
Our October meeting had to be moved to THURSDAY Oct. 11, 2007 to accommodate the schedules of Steve Corker and Lewis Griffin, our two candidates for City Council, District 3, Position 1. They will be speaking and available for questions. This sort of access to the candidates will be invaluable in helping you decide how to cast your vote in November. We will also have an update on our Center Plan and on an amendment to the Multifamily Tax Exemption ordinance that impacts us. We will meet at the Lutheran Prince of Peace Church at 7PM. But remember it will be on Thursday Oct 11, NOT TUESDAY. Also, dump passes will be available.
"Open House" on proposed NIT Neighborhood Center P Sep. 8, 2007
An “Open House” will be held to present a proposed NIT Neighborhood Center Plan to the community on 9/11/07 at 7PM as a part of our normal NITNC monthly meeting at the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church. This summer, a Stakeholder Committee made up of NITNC homeowners and representatives from the developers and owners of undeveloped property in our area has been working on a Neighborhood Center Plan for proposed zoning and land use revisions in and around the Sundance Plaza. This effort was requested by the City Council, and a Planning Services representative has been provided to assist us. The objective of this project is limited to identifying anomalies in the land use and zoning designations in and around our Neighborhood Center, and the work product will be a proposal for revisions to the zoning and land use maps for our area. Examples of recommended revisions are parcels with zoning/land use designations that do not match the actual development, parcels with two areas that are zoned differently, and parcels where the zoning and land use are not compatible. This is a limited “clean-up” project with a goal of getting Plan Commission agreement and City Council Approval before the end of the year. It will not address the neighborhood’s desires for contentious zoning revisions that would entail strong, drawn out opposition and lawsuits (i.e. “downzoning” property to a lower density so as to maintain the single-family character of the neighborhood, moderate growth, and slow the deterioration of traffic conditions). Any such action will have to be undertaken as a separate project.
NITNC Monthly Meeting 9/11/07 Sep. 8, 2007
The first meeting of the North Indian Trail Neighborhood Council for the 2007/2008-year will be on 9/11/07 at 7PM at the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church on Indian Trail. The agenda will include an Open House discussion of the NIT Neighborhood Center Plan, a review of current Library Programs, recent progress on the Impact Fee Ordinance and the Neighborhood Planning effort, discussion of our 2007/2008 Objectives, and a report on the June 2007 NITN Yard Sale.
Indian Trail Picnic Saturday 8/4/07 Jul. 28, 2007
There will be a family picnic for the Indian Trail area at Pacific Park on Saturday August 4th from 11 AM to 2 PM. There will be free games and prizes for the kids. Bring a blanket or folding chairs and plan on lunch. If you don’t want to bring a picnic basket, hot dogs and snow cones and drinks will be available at a reasonable cost. The kids are invited to decorate bikes etc. and join in a mini-parade around the park. Line up for the parade participants will be 10:45 AM. This function is being sponsored by which is a new interactive website supported by local businesses. It is focused on the greater Indian Trail area, and provides information of interest to this area. This includes local news items and event notices, phone numbers and Internet links for many local businesses and Spokane City Government departments, classified ads from neighborhood residents, and other helpful information. There is a link to our NITNC website, but NITNC is not affiliated with nor do we financially support due to conflicts arising from our status as a neighborhood government organization. Since this event should be fun for our neighborhood, we thought it was appropriate for us to let you know that you are invited.
Police Chief at NITNC Meeting on 5/8/07 at 7PM May. 3, 2007
The monthly meeting of the North Indian Trail Neighborhood Council will be held on Tuesday May 8, 2007 at 7:00PM at The Prince of Peace Lutheran Church on Indian Trail Road. The featured speaker will be Ann Kirkpatrick, our new Spokane City Police Chief. She will speak on the key challenges the department is facing. We will also have information and enrollment forms for the Annual IT Garage Sale on 6/2/07. This is the last meeting before summer. Our first meeting in the fall will be on Tuesday Sept. 4, 2007.
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