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Sep. 11, 2018 @ 7:00 PM at the The Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
Meeting Minutes :
Mar. 09, 2004 Meeting Minute
North Indian Trail Neighborhood Council
Meeting Minutes for
March 9th, 2004

Welcome and Introductions, by Glenn Hall

Glenn Hall (GH) welcomed everyone to the meeting. GH announced that we have representatives from COPS Northwest at tonightís meeting as our guest speakers.

GH also made the following announcements:
- Announced that streetlights have been installed at the Bedford intersection, which we have been working on for the last two years. GH thanked Alan Bain our co-chair for his work in following-up with this project.
- Our next meeting will be on April 13th at 7pm.

Treasurerís Report, by Scott Barrick

The March 9th 2004 Treasurerís Report is:

Beginning Balance: $ 1407.69
Income: $ 54.40
Expenses: $ (107.08)
Ending Balance $ 1355.01

Scott Barrick (SB) mentioned that a $100 donation was made to the Prince of Peace church for allowing us to use their facilities to hold our meetings. This donation was voted on at our February meeting.

Open Space Letter Request, by Claire Steigleder

Claire Steigleder (CS) reported on a letter that was submitted by the Neighborhood Planning Committee requesting additional parkland in our neighborhood. Open space for parks would be limited if current build-out plans were implemented. The Planning committee wanted to get our request in early in case the City has some money free up that would allow it to acquire land to be designated for park use. Currently, there is no money in the City budget for such activities but the Planning committee wanted to get our request in early.

A copy of the letter has been posted on our website.

Neighborhood Cleanup Report, by Chuck Moser

Chuck Moser (CM) discussed our curbside pickup this year would be held during June this year. Any money left over would be issued as dump passes later in the year. He was proposing the dates of June 8th and 9th, which the membership felt would be fine. CM mentioned to have your garbage out by the curb no later than 7am on the day of your pick-up and that in should be in some kind of package. The best thing to use would be your garbage can or greens container. You can also use sacks or boxes. The only limitation on what can be picked up, is it has to be light enough for a single person to pick-up. Therefore, no refrigerators, ovens, or couches. You can put out up to 2 old tires though. Any tree limbs need to be no longer than 6ft in length and smaller than a 3 inch diameter. No hazardous waste or dirt will be picked-up. Last year we had 7 Ĺ tons picked-up, so spread the word to your neighbors.

Post meeting update: The final dates are June 15th for neighbors living in the Pacific Park and Sundance areas and June 16th for neighbors living in the Woodridge area. The original dates of June 8th and 9th were not free.

Land Use Update, by Cheryl Fleming

Cheryl Fleming (CF) gave updates on a number of topics including:
- The STA ballot request for a sales tax increase.
- Neighborhood Planning meetings being held by the City. Last one was at Rogers High School.
- Community Assembly Meeting, which Mayor West attended and discussed some budgeting items for next year.
- SERT (emergency evacuation plan) training classes and interested people should contact her regarding dates and time.
- Traffic and Transportation Safety Week, which is held April 9th-18th. Signs for postings in your yard are available for purchase at $10 a piece. Contact Cheryl for more details.
- Neighborhood Yard Sale, asking for people to consider volunteering.

CF than talked about the Neighborhood Planning committees work on the Neighborhood specific plan, and that the city has put aside $4500 for each Neighborhood to help offset the costs. She is asking that they use some of this money to set-up an account at PostNet for making copies.

N.W. Cop Shop, by Officer Traci Douglas and Buster

Officer Douglas introduced herself to the audience and gave a back ground on her service in the police department. Officer Douglas is our Neighborhood Resource Officer for the Northwest area of Spokane. Her office is located at Cops Northwest in the Shadle Shopping Center. Officer Douglas promises if you call her, she will call you back if you leave her a message. Officer Douglas mentioned that our area has one of the lowest crime rates in the City even though we are the largest area. Officer Douglas talked about how people who want to report speeders should contact the hotline, as she doesnít handle this directly. However if you called her, she would forward on your complaints to the correct department. Officer Douglas asked for patience when calling her in waiting for a response, and any emergencies should still go through 911 and Crime Check.

Buster is one of the volunteers who help run Cops Northwest, which is located in the Shadle Shopping Center. Cops Northwest is the closest Cop Shop to our Neighborhood and is our local Cop Shop. Cops Northwest is open Monday thru Friday from 9am-5pm. Buster mentioned that Cops Northwest is always looking for volunteers to help in the Cop Shop, as the more volunteers they have the safer our committee can become. The Cop Shops are what the Spokane Police Officers use to find out what is going on in our Neighborhood and where they should concentrate their resources on. Buster mentioned the lack of Block Watches we have in our Neighborhood, and mentioned how easy they are to set-up and what a good crime deterrent they are. Buster also mentioned that Cops Northwest sends out newsletters, and mentioned that people can sign-up for the newsletter by sending an email to Officer Douglas and Buster than took questions from the audience.

Quick Hello, by Joe Shogan

Joe Shogan (JS) attended the meeting and briefly highlighted some issues of concerning in our neighborhood including, the Stormwater Ordinance.

Neighborhood Feedback/Questions, By Glenn Hall

Glenn Hall (GH) fielded questions from the floor regarding neighborhood concerns.

Meeting attendance was 65 people.

Next meeting is scheduled for April 13th, 2004.
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