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Next Council Meeting:
Sep. 11, 2018 @ 7:00 PM at the The Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
Meeting Minutes :
Jan. 12, 2016 Meeting Minute
NITNC Meeting Minutes
January 12, 2016
Attendees: 821 approx. Only 600 were in actual attendance due to capacity limit. 221 people were turned away.

Terry Deno opened the meeting at 7:00 p.m.
• Included were the NIT, Northwest and the Balboa neighborhoods were in attendance.
• Gave the curbside pickup recap for 2015.
Mel Neil
• Gave the fund account update: $3,464.38 in the NITNC account
Spokane Police Representative
• Gave the Crime update. Warnings to all to keep your garage doors closed at all times. Call crime check if you see anything, or anyone, suspicious in the area. Gave the Neighborhood Cop Shop Phone Number out –
Karen Stratton gave a city council update.
• She said that with the tremendous turnout of tonight’s meeting, the traffic issue will become a focal concern by her.
• Personnel issues at City Hall. They have chosen an investigator and the plan is to have everything wrapped up in 3 months.
• She shared that she voted FOR the new sick leave proposal by the city council. Some parameters: If your business has 10+ employees, the may get up to 6 days of leave. Less than 10 employees may receive 3 days of sick leave. PTO and switched shifts may be counted as sick days.
• The city has switched to brighter street lights in the downtown area.
Melissa Wittstruck –City Hall Rep to NIT Neighborhood.
• Traffic Calming projects are currently in the works for the NIT neighborhood.
• She provided two large maps to the audience outlining the proposed planned construction areas.
• Comprehensive Plan Training class will be available on Feb 3, from 6:30 to 8:00 pm at the Brown Elementary School on Driscoll.
Inga Note, P.E. Senior Planning Engineer – City of Spokane
• Inga is a non-partial representative to the overall results of the Traffic Study to be complete.
• Provided the overview process for the Comprehensive Plan timeline. Copies were made available to the audience.
• Traffic studies will be done and presented to the neighborhood by the Developer.
• She has received MANY emails from NIT residents that will be taken into consideration for the traffic study.
• Timeline for the Comprehensive Plan:
o Agency Comment Period is the 1st step: Water, Sewer, Schools and Traffic studies. Early 2016
o Public Comment Period. Early Spring 2016
o SEPA Determination & Staff Report – before the Plan Commission Hearing
o Plan Commission Public Hearing – Summer or Early Fall 2016
o City Council Public Hearing – Late Fall 2016
o How to provide Comments: Provide comments in writing and Mail to:
Planning & Development Services
City of Spokane
808 W. Spokane Falls Boulevard
Spokane, WA 99201-3329
Or FAX to 509-625-6822
• Barnes to Strong to 5-Mile Rd. City staff has completed design. Construction to start 2016 and finished 2017. Strong Rd. will become a restricted road for water tower access only.
• Indian Trail Rd. widening had only 30% design completed. Right of way needed to widen the road. Construction funding is needed.
• Traffic Analysis for Developers:
o Where to widen Indian Trail? Phasing?
o Intersection Analysis (a.m. and p.m.)
o Strong Rd / Pacific Park
o Indian Trail / Francis
o Francis / Alberta
o Indian Trail / Woodside
• Traffic Study Scope:
o STA Service
o Collision Patterns
o Non-motorized concerns
o Ideas?

Questions from the Audience:
1. Emergency Services?
2. Evacuations Routes?
3. Shorter protected turn signals at Shawnee and Barnes?
4. Bicycle Lanes are needed for those that commute daily. Will that be addresses?
5. Will any construction begin before street plans are completed?
6. Concerning Woodside increased traffic – can barricades be put up at the top of Woodside/ 5-mile to help eliminate daily collisions during snowy/icy commute days?
7. We do not want to be held hostage to the developer’s plans. 1 lane in and 1 lane out is not acceptable. We need to plan larger – from Indian Trail to Division!
8. 2013 Traffic Study had 18,000 cars on Indian Trail daily. What will the traffic study now entail?
9. Who would be interested in a petition to halt mulit-family development? 100% response from the audience.
10. We are not just concerned about the traffic, but our neighborhood infrastructure – water, sewer, road wear and tear, school attendance.
11. Developers should bear the cost of sewer, water and road improvements.
12. Developer does the traffic study. This was booed by the attendees.
13. The consensus was no more apts. on Indian Trail.
14. Concern about traffic on Indian Trail and the safety of Children using the roads.
15. Traffic is horrible now. We don’t want it to get worse.
16. The question was asked “Who is in Favor of these developments?” Not one person raised their hand.
17. Can the neighborhood conduct an independent traffic study?

Portion of a written statement presented as the first speaker was from Cathy Semple:

“This letter is written to inform you of my concerns with regard to the high density housing development proposed by Mr. Douglas. My concerns are many.

The infra-structure of this area is seriously lacking.
From Pacific Park north to the power lines, we have but one access and egress road funning north to south. This is only a two-lane road. Should there be an emergency event (as there was in 2005 when we experienced a forest fire) at either end of Indian Trail Road, we have but one exit route out of our area for thousands of people. We have this same single route into our area which can be available for emergency vehicles to come to our aid. There is not a single road which provide and entrance or exit route to the east or west. Strong road does provide an eastern access, but it is a dirt road which is poorly maintained and would be overwhelmed in only a matter of minutes if it were used for an emergency. My proposal would be to provide at least two, four-lane arterials for north / south traffic, plus two widely spaced four-lane arterials for east / west traffic. The north / south arterials should run from Francis to Rutter Parkway. The east / west arterials should run from Hwy. 291 to Whitworth University. This is the only solution to evacuate this area in a safe and timely manner.”

This is just the first paragraph of her concerns which was submitted by Cathy Semple, NIT resident.

Terry Deno closed the meeting at 9:00 p.m.

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