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Sep. 11, 2018 @ 7:00 PM at the The Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
Meeting Minutes :
Feb. 11, 2016 Meeting Minute
NITNC Meeting Minutes
February 11, 2016
Attendees: 136

Terry Deno opened the meeting at 7:00 p.m.
Several board members attended the Comprehensive Plan Training at Browne School.
Futurewise training was conducted and several Neighborhood Council chairs attended.
Pictures of the storm sewer drain problem, off Bedford Rd., are being taken to help remedy the problem.
There is a transportation meeting to study Francis / Indian Trail connection.
Terry read Candace Mumm's email update to our council since she was not available to attend.
Comment period on the Comprehensive Plan is planned to start in April.
All your emails have been overwhelming. Keep up the good work.
Remember, this objection to the development we are opposing is a density manner, not a traffic problem.
Neighborhood Clean Up dates for 2016 are April 19th and October 18th. Please remember nothing over 60 pounds.
Mel Neil
Gave the fund account update: $3,384.61 in the NITNC account.
Asked for a vote to approve our $500.00 allotment fund from the Community Assembly Budget Grant. Vote was unanimous with 136 yes approval votes to use the grant money within guidelines for meeting supplies.
Explained the passing of the donation box and encouraged everyone to donate $5.00 if possible to help us build our coffer to help in the fight against the proposed multi-family development.
Can the NITNC download items to the website to alleviate printing costs? It is already being done.
Signs on Indian Trail advertising our meetings are working well.
Spokane Police Representative
LT. Dan Ervin gave the Crime update. Warnings to all to keep your garage doors closed at all times, keep your doors and windows locked, and keep valuable items out of parked cars to prevent auto crime. Call crime check if you see anything, or anyone, suspicious in the area. Calling will help us build cases in areas where crime is happening. We read crime check calls every day.
Several juveniles were apprehended earlier this week for vehicle burglaries in the 5-Mile and Indian Trail area.
Questions: Do you think it would be a good idea to have a Cop Shop in your area. Most people said yes. He advised us to call the COPs program and ask what is needed to set up a Cop Shop. They are the people that make the decisions.
New body cams are important to help with crimes.
Report any local speeding issues to the Traffic Unit, and to Crime Check.
Why is staffing so low? The Mayor and City Council approved increased staffing levels and we currently are hiring to desired levels, but with internal attrition due to retirements, we still are not at peak staffing levels.
Can budgeted monies be transferred to police staffing levels? That is a city council question.
With pending large apartment developments, will crime increase? Generally, yes. Larger population higher crime rates. With potential population increase, are more police assigned to the area? Police are assigned to an area where crime is happening. Data bases that we have with high density apts have higher crime rates. When is the training for property managers to help alleviate crime going to occur? The new program is being fine-tuned to train apartment managers in the near future. Property management training is key to help alleviate crime rates in high density residences.

John Hernandez
No updates
Curt Fackler Planning Information
The developer gives notice on plans and then Agency comment period is in effect.
The Traffic Study selected was the wrong one
We need a volunteer to attend the Development meeting.
Once SEPA is started, we have 60 days to send in comments. We need to include facts on all correspondence. After all the reports are done, they go to the Planning Commission and then on to the City Council to respond. We may be looking at late September or October for this to get to the City Council. We can respond at the City Council meeting also.
Questions: Can we have our board issue online forms to have people fill out and submit for ease of use to submit concerns easily and in a timely manner?
Can a flow chart of easy following of events be created?
Can we go to the City Council right now to state our cause? Please get your concerns directly to Candace Mumm for now
Jim Bakke Bylaws
Our bylaws have been revised because the City Council has given Neighborhoods Councils standing on issues. We had an attorney revise our bylaws to reflect the standing of Neighborhood Councils.
Testimony at our meetings is important to be reflected in our meeting notes.
We will vote to accept our bylaws at our March 2016 monthly meeting.

At this point, a flyer was brought into the meeting that had been left on cars parked outside the meeting at the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church. The threatening note was read aloud to the audience. After the note was read aloud, Terry Deno reiterated that once information from the Developer is received, we can fight it on facts. Our responses from the NITNC need to be factual.

The audience was invited to follow Spokane Rising which gives a projected 3-yr plan to build 3000+ apts in Spokane.

The audience was again informed that this is not a traffic issue- it is a proposed zoning change to allow high density apts to be built instead of the zoned single family residences currently planned for. Remember that there is power in numbers.

The audience requested email forms to fill out and forward their concerns on when, how and where to send comments and concerns to city officials.

Terry Deno closed the meeting at 8:38 p.m.
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