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Sep. 11, 2018 @ 7:00 PM at the The Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
Meeting Minutes :
Mar. 8, 2016 Meeting Minute
NITNC Meeting Minutes
March 8, 2016
Attendees: 88

Terry Deno opened the meeting at 7:00 p.m.
• Kathy Miotke will be assisting us with our fight against the proposed zoning change.
• Curbside Pickup is scheduled for April 19 at 7:00 a.m. You may use all your carts for this pickup. NOTHING on the ground will be picked up – no boxes, plastic bags, lumber, etc. Use this extra pickup for items that will not fit into your regular Thursday pickup.

Diana Postlewait
• Gave the fund account update: $3,719.61 in the NITNC account.

Jim Bakke
• Gave the reason behind the Bylaws update. We needed to update the verbiage to include our neighborhood standing with the city council on items that can affect our neighborhood. The Bylaw reword was done by a lawyer to insure our NITNC governing abilities.
• We will be adding a clause for a yearly audit of the bylaws for adherence by the elected NITNC Board members.
• Vote to accept the new Bylaws: Yes: 79 No: 0 Abstain: 0. Vote was unanimous to accept.

Spokane Police Representative
• Capt. Tom Hendren gave the Crime update. Car prowlings are on the rise. Keep valuable items out of parked cars to prevent auto crime. Keep your cars locked at all times is parked outside. Call crime check if you see anything, or anyone, suspicious in the area. Calling will help us build cases in areas where crime is happening. We read crime check calls every day. * Do not leave valuables in your parked cars! *
• Question: Has the black Avalanche truck with the suspected “flasher” been spotted in our area? Not to our knowledge. It has been seen mostly in the South side and lower side.
• The nasty note has been investigated and it has been determined that it was NOT the work of the developers. A suggestion that is was done to stir up the community to fight the zoning change.
• Audience noted that more graffiti is being noticed in the neighborhood. It is the property owner’s responsibility to clean up graffiti on their property. If it is done on city property, please call in and it will be removed.
• IRS scam calls in the area. It was suggested from the audience that you can call the Treasury Dept. to report the calls and they can possibly trace the origin of the calls.
• Question: Did you ever catch the arsonist that started all the fires last year? No.
• Report of a strange car in the area scouting the neighborhoods for potential burglary opportunities. Call crime check with any sightings of suspicious activity. Indian Trail thieves are known to police, but because their crimes are misdemeanors, they are usually fined and released.
• Question: Any mailbox tamperings reported? One person has noticed possible tampering lately.
• Call Capt. Tom Hendren with any Northside concerns – not to report a crime, but for information or concerns. His number is 509-625-4049 or thendren@

Jim Bakke – Bylaws
• Our bylaws have been revised because the City Council has given Neighborhoods Councils standing on issues. We had an attorney revise our bylaws to reflect the standing of Neighborhood Councils.
• Testimony at our meetings is important to be reflected in our meeting notes.
• We will vote to accept our bylaws at our March 2016 monthly meeting.
Candace Mumm
• Gave an update on the search for a new Police Chief. City is currently putting together a community wide committee to give input for hiring a new Police Chief. There is a meeting on 3-9-16 at 6:30 p.m. at the downtown library open to interested people on the hiring of a new police chief.
• New interim police Ombudsman has started. Email with the information is being forwarded by Terry Deno to the neighborhood.
• There is an ongoing investigation regarding the recent lawsuits against the city.
• Crapo Investments has withdrawn their application for building on Strong Rd / Indian Trail property. They have applied to the City Council for a total refund of their $8,000.00 application fee. Candace and one other council member voted no to a full refund based on processed that were employed when the application was submitted.
• Public Comment periods are ALWAYS OPEN. Terry currently forwards all email sent to him regarding neighborhood concerns to the appropriate city departments.
• Traffic study has begun, and the study will report what is currently happening now, and includes projections for the future. All the traffic comments to me have been forwarded to the appropriate department! Concern is that the traffic counting tubes are not catching all the traffic at commute time because a lot of people turn into the Sundance Plaza shopping center and exit on Barnes, missing the traffic count. There are a lot of different traffic counting methods to insure that the best traffic survey is completed. The city and the developer are doing traffic counts.
• Audience concerns:
o In the event of major events – i.e., fires – we are almost completely cut off from safe egress off Indian Trail. With the completion of Barnes Rd east to Strong Rd, it should provide another egress choice. Hiawatha exit to the east is a private PUD with a fenced road. It is not considered a safe exit. Top of 5-mile Rd and Strong intersection is a concern. Currently it is not adequate for anticipated increased traffic when Barnes is completed.
o Is the planning process giving the developers an edge to achieve their proposed building plans? Absolutely not! We completely understand that no zoning changes are in the neighborhood best interest.
• Send any traffic concerns to INote@
• Many thanks to Ben Stuckart and the City Council for working hard to be transparent on this process.

Damon Hunter
• Office of Neighborhood Services if again offering 1 free tree to all residents of Spokane. Registration opened March 2. Once your online application is approved, you will receive a voucher to pick up a tree at HOME FIRES Nursery or the Spokane County Conservation District on April 4 and April 23. Handouts included all the possible trees typed that will be available to choose from. This process will be done again in October 2016.

Brian Schaffer
• Brian informed the audience of the proposed Fire Levy renewal that will be on the ballot soon. Assessment will be .50 cents for every $1000 of property value.
o $100,000 = $ 4.17 per month levy
o $200,000 = $8.33 per month levy
This levy is not a new levy, but a renewal of the current levy that is currently assessed on all property taxes.
• With planned retirements – currently 80% of current leadership – in the next 3 years, we have been proactive hiring for planned attrition. With growing population, we are trying innovative ideas to keep us up to speed with equipment, population and community awareness of elders and people in danger.
• Question: Is there a maximum ratio of available EMS for our area population? It is tracked as demands continue to grow in calls.
• With the completion of the Barnes Rd extension, it will enhance our partnerships with other fire stations for quicker response times – both ways!

Leslie Formella
• Our new NITNC Bulletin Board is now up at the North entrance / exit at Albertson’s. Any ISO / INO postings can be forwarded to Leslie Formella at Your requests for ISO / INO will be posted within 24 hours of your email request.

Terry Deno closed the meeting at 8:15 p.m.

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