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Sep. 11, 2018 @ 7:00 PM at the The Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
Meeting Minutes :
Apr. 12, 2016 Meeting Minute
NITNC Meeting Minutes
April 12, 2016
Attendees: 114

Terry Deno opened the meeting at 7:00 p.m.
• No Traffic study results yet. We do not know the times of the day that the study was done. Inga Note has until Monday to receive the results. Once completed, we will have 60 days to make comments. Members commented that they only saw counters for 1-2 days on Indian Trail. Terry indicated that the study was approximately a week long.
• Kathy Miotke will be assisting us with our fight against the proposed zoning change.
• Curbside Pickup is scheduled for April 19 at 7:00 a.m. You may use all your carts for this pickup. NOTHING on the ground will be picked up – no boxes, plastic bags, lumber, etc. Use this extra pickup for items that will not fit into your regular Thursday pickup.
• We are low on our NITNC Garage Sale signs. We want to spend 350.00 on new signs that will last us at least two years. A vote was taken and approved by the membership by a unanimous yes vote.
• No update on the Barnes Rd. extension. Supposed to start in Fall 2016 and be completed in 2017.
• We typically do not have meetings in July and August. We will change that if information becomes available regarding the opposed zoning change and apartment construction. We will try to obtain a larger venue to accommodate a larger crowd if we need to.
• Check out for planning commission updates on the apartment plans.

Diana Postlewait
• Gave the treasurer’s fund account update: $3,873.02 in the NITNC account.

Jim Bakke
• There is conversation at the city level to start repair and replacing of damaged and missing sidewalks in Spokane. The city is looking at how to come up with money to improve and install sidewalks. Currently, money comes from the $10.00 tab fees. Possible federal grant money may be obtained. Property owners are responsible for maintaining their sidewalks that border their property. Possible LID money for streets and alleys. Possible 60% of money could be covered of repairs if a group of neighbors go together and submit for large repairs. Money would be at a low interest rate over a larger period of time. City council is asking if sidewalk be repaired with an increased property tax fee.
• We received three volunteers to be on the Audit committee for 2016. Audit to be held sometime in May with June results reported to the membership at the June Meeting.

Spokane Police Representative
• Office Doug Strosahl gave the Crime update. Very low crime rate in our area. Keep valuable items out of parked cars to prevent auto crime. Keep your cars locked at all times is parked outside. Call crime check – 456-2233 - if you see anything, or anyone, suspicious in the area. Calling will help us build cases in areas where crime is happening. We read crime check calls every day. * Do not leave valuables in your parked cars! *
• Members thanked the police for the quick response to the incident on 4-10-46 at the Russet and Arrowhead.
• No update on the nasty note left on our cars at the January meeting.
• Vandalism has been occurring at the new apts. being built behind the church and library. Windows are being shot out with BB guns. Please call crime check with any info on this.
• IRS scam calls in the area. It was suggested from the audience that you can call the Treasury Dept. to report the calls and they can possibly trace the origin of the calls.
• Don’t open your doors at night to strangers. Turn on lights and ask what they want. Do not open the door!
• Call Capt. Tom Hendren with any Northside concerns – not to report a crime, but for information or concerns. His number is 509-625-4049 or thendren@

Tom Johnson – T-Mobile Parallel Infrastructure
• T-Mobile and Verizon have not finished the construction of the cellular tower as of yet. Zoning issue is being redone to finish the project. We will be installing equipment soon. The building permit has been issued for construction. The pole will not be any higher than it is now.
• Carriers have not installed yet.
• Landscaping as not been installed yet.
• The pole will not be dressed as a “tree”. It will not be a flag pole. Equipment will be on the outside of the pole.
• Please sign out attendance sheet that is being circulated.

Mr. O’Malley – Spokane Public Library
• Our library was built in 1990, based on 1980’s prototype. We are looking to update out libraries to be “people focused”.
• We are using a consultant to plan on looking forward 20-30 year for our update. Consulting recommendations have been approved. We want more collaborative spaces – teen spaces, children’s spaces, family friendly areas, meeting area and collaborative labs.
• We are paying attention to travel patterns and public demand for our libraries. We want to meet the needs of the people and go through the next 20 years.
• There will be a community meeting on May 11, 2016 at 7:00 pm at the Downtown Library.
• It will cost approximately $90 million for construction of two regional hubs - currently the downtown library and the Shadle library. The $90 million would be by a Capitol Bond with an additional undetermined assessed value to current property taxes.

Phil Altmeyer – Union Gospel Mission.
• Opened with the statement that they are looking at our area for a homeless shelter. At the end of his presentation, he said that he was just joking about opening a homeless shelter in our area.
• Their mission is: Rescue, Recovery and Restoration.
• The UGM has purchased for $2 M a former retirement facility above the Avista site on Illinois.
• Currently they can house 185 men per night, 90 women and children a night.
• They feed and clothe people every day.
• They have an 18 month recovery program.
• They have a $7 M budget. Their income is from donations to the store, donations of cars and boats, cash donations and bequeaths. All money comes from the community.
• They have 104 business partners that offer internships to recovering people to help them get the skills they need to obtain gainful employment. Last year 169 people we placed in jobs.
• Women and Children are our biggest need. They need clothing, food and items for the store. Their biggest need right now is PJs and pillows.
• He asked that we do not give money or food to the beggars on the street. Give them his business card and let them know that they can get help from the UGM

Curt Fackler
• We have our community Garage Sale on Saturday, June 18, 2016. Please register by June 4, 2016. You can register for $6.00 with no NITNC Garage Sale sign, or $12.00 and receive a NITNC Garage Sale sign. This is our only fund raiser for the year.

Terry Deno closed the meeting at 8:35 p.m.
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