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Sep. 11, 2018 @ 7:00 PM at the The Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
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Jun. 14, 2016 Meeting Minute
Terry Deno started the meeting at 7:00PM, followed by a brief update of the Town Hall Meeting. Mel Neil presented the treasury report and let the neighbors know that there are 88 homes participating in the Yard Sale. He also mentioned that we are going to pay for a review of the Traffic Study.Terry Deno encouraged our neighbors to attend our Developer meeting and that we need more comments. Candace Mumm up-dated the neighborhood on the Police Chief search and that we did a good job with our presentation at the town hall.No crime report. Doug will be at next meeting.Terry let everyone know that Curt Fackler and him would be attending the In fill Focus Group on 6/30. Andrew Hill from Excelsior did a presentation about what exactly Excelsior is involved with, also a update on the Rock property. We had a candidate who is running for State Rep do a presentation. Heather Trautman from ONS offered to help 2 ladies that had Sink hole problems in their back yard. Adjourned.
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