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Sep. 11, 2018 @ 7:00 PM at the The Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
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May. 09, 2017 Meeting Minute
Minutes from NITNC meeting May 9,2017

NITNC Established April 1, 2000

Terry Deno opened the meeting at 7:00 p.m. 35 attendees

We welcomed the Cub Scouts from Pack 171. They reported on the results of their recent cleanup project in the wooded area just East of Indian Trail Rd. They brought photos of all the trash they collected. We thanked them for helping to keep our neighborhood looking good.

Terry reported that just under 10 tons of trash was collected during our Spring Curbside Pickup. We spent $2200 of our allotted $6000, so we still have more funds to pay for a Fall Pickup in October!

Mel Neil reported a balance of $5,956.67 in the account. $225.00 was paid out to Prince of Peace Church for use of their facility for our meetings.

The City approved our request for a $500 grant to help with expenses towards costs for our meetings. It will help pay for printing costs and advertising for the NITN Yard Sale scheduled for June 17th. Deadline to register to participate is June 4th.

Nominations for NITNC officers were requested. Terry Deno and Mel Neil both agreed to serve as Chairman and Vice-Chair again. Kathy Husted agreed to serve as Secretary again. Jeanine McKinney accepted the position of Treasurer. They were all approved by a unanimous vote. Their term will be for 2 years.

Terry gave an update on the Morningside appeal. Douglass wants to take it to the Supreme Court. We are requesting it go straight to the Appellate Court. We probably won’t know anything more until this Summer.

There have been some break-ins and vandalism in our neighborhood recently. Albertson’s was broken into last week. The Prince of Peace Church was broken into also. The statue of Mary was vandalized at Assumption Church. There has been some suspicion that kids from Excelsior may have been involved. Terry is sending them a letter telling them of our concerns and that these problems need to be resolved.

Jim Bakke discussed some of the proposals being considered regarding funding for sidewalk repairs, replacements, and new sidewalks to be added in the city. There are many areas where sidewalks are damaged, deteriorated, or missing. One option could be to put a tax levy on the ballot this Fall for a vote. Another option could be to put an “advisory vote” on the ballot that if passed, would authorize the city to do further study on sidewalk issues and then put a proposal for a tax levy on a later ballot.

Terry closed the meeting at 7:50p.m.
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