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Jan. 8, 2019 @ 7:00 PM at the The Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
Meeting Minutes :
Jan. 9, 2018 Meeting Minute
NITNC Meeting Minutes 01/09/2018

Terry Deno opened the meeting at 7:00PM Attendance was 38

Terry first let everyone know that our attorney informed us that Douglass has withdrawn his appeal and the City Council decision is final. New plans for Morningside can be filed in October of 2018, but they will be reviewed by members of the City Council and Planning Commission before they can proceed. Whole new process.

Terry asked the group if anyone was interested in attending a CPR class at the fire station. We need 10 people to set a date and time.

Terry asked if anyone would be interested in having an Energy Fair sponsored by Avista and the City of Spokane. The majority in attendance were interested so Terry will see about setting this up.

Neighborhood cleanup will have $8500 available this year.

Terry attended a traffic calming meeting. Terry may be invited to see what could be done in the Indian Trail neighborhood.

Karen Stratton was in attendance and stated that she and Candace Mumm are looking into having a cop shop by Yokes. The closest to us now is at Shadle. Karen also stated that they are working with Excelsior and Assumption Church reagarding the crosswalk issues. Right now the church controls the lights at the crosswalk and since most kids are dropped off, it is rarely used. The church is looking to add a circular drive for easier access.

If you need assistance with sidwalk snow removal you can call Excelsior for help (they will come out for free) Call 328-7041 and ask for Life Point.

It was noted that people are speeding on the new Barnes Road extension. If you have an issue with people driving too fast, report it to 311. They may not send someone immediately but they will post someone in the area (especially if there are numerous complaints) You need to give the time and the area.
My Spokane 311 is the new centralized customer service department for the City of Spokane.

Jeanine McKinney presented the treasurer report. A copy of the report was sent as an attachment to the last e-mail blast. Mark Davies and Nancy Perkins volunteered to audit the books. Current balance is $6691.67

A safety team is working with the Shadle Library; Shadle Park and Safeway in Shadle center to help with the transient issues there. They are working on more lighting and more cameras. There are some cameras on the water tower currently

Jim Bakke received the community assembly award and the good neighbor award presented by Mark Davies.

Linda McDermotte CFO of Spokane attended the meeting. Spokane Public Schools will ask voters to approve a new, cheaper maintenance and operation levy in February’s special election. If approved by voters, Spokane taxpayers will see their 2019 levy rate fall from $3.86 per $1,000 of assessed value to an estimated $1.50. That change is in response to new state law that limits how much school districts can draw from local levies to pay for basic education. A simple majority is required and the election will be held February 13, 2018. Information can be found at

Inga Note spoke about the grind and overlay scheduled for this year. It has been suggested that some changes be made from Kathleen to Barnes in conjunction with the overlay project. City Council and Planners are looking at altering this plan to include two southbound lanes and one northbound lane to help with the morning traffic congestion. There would have to be some changes in storm water routing, which would include removing the swales along Indian Tail by the church and rerouting that storm water. If it was decided to proceed with this project, the grind and overlay would be delayed until 2019 due to additional studies that will need to be made. Crapo will be widening the area by Pacific Park as part of his building plan.

There would be no bike lanes if this project were be done and the lanes would be quite narrow. Turn lanes, where needed, would still be in place. It was brought up that this would move traffic to Frances faster but that there would still be congestion there. Looking at Francis to Alberta and Frances to Ash and Maple is in the 20 year plan, but no changes scheduled for the near future.

Terry Closed the meeting at 8:10 PM
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