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Nov. 09, 2004 Meeting Minute

November 9, 2004 mtg. 37 persons attending.

Jeff Oas, Co-Chair , called the meeting to order and introduced himself and the other new officers: Craig Culbertson, Co-chair ; Dewayne Jantz,, Treasurer; Jo Shaw, Secretary; Cheryl Fleming, Advisor.

He explained the main goals of the NITC at present are to address the issues of the budget cuts proposed for our library and to attempt to get more people involved in the affairs of the neighborhood.

Brad Stark, will try to gather ideas from the City Council for coping with budget cuts which total approximately 1.4 million. The library had already been cutting expenses during prior years so more cuts are especially hard to achieve. Overall 15 positions would need to be cut with 7 of these being professionals. One proposal would be that the library not be closed, but the days which provide library services be cut from 5 to 2 with another being to cut acquisition of materials for one year, and still another to try to acquire donations and grants. The proposed cuts have been based on usage data now available. City Council has also considered closing the library altogether which the NITC members are opposing.

Jeff asked for a volunteer to replace Dennis Smith in updating the website. A Barb Lindgren volunteered to do that. Her phone # is 509-465-2294 and e-mail

Craig Culbertson (co-chair) explained the proposed changes with our fire station. There are 6 people on staff now and the City is proposing to cut that number to 4 or possibly 3. This would increase the response time on calls from approx 7 min to at least 10. EMS response time could be increased from 6 to 10 min. If there were a structure fire and someone had to enter a building there would have to be a wait for another company to arrive because the law states the minimum has to be 4 firemen present unless a person has to be rescued. He objected to this plan due to several factors; 1. This area pays a large amount of property tax, 2. A lot more new growth is already in the planning stages in this area. Craig asked the persons attending to download a letter from our website opposing the changes, sign it and mail it to the City Council.

Craig asked everyone to try to get more members for our council. Ideas raffle asking business to donate a small prize.


Welcomed new officers.

There will be a letter on our website asking for support letters to keep the N. Indian Trail Library open. Cheryl will now have more time to devote to working on the Neighborhood Specific Plan

City Council member Joe Shogan reminded the group that any services we ask for and acquire will have to be taken away from another neighborhood.

Jeff will contact businesses in the area and ask them to commit to advertising dollars - $100.00 per year was suggested.

Walt Jones was unavailable for a report because he is in training. He is suggesting that people watch more carefully the activities taking place in their neighborhoods. He submitted a report on the reported crimes in the area lately. Neighborhoods on Patrol services are continuing for now, but that program also is scheduled to be cut. Members were encouraged to become familiar with their neighbors and communicate with them when possible.

Respectfully submitted, Jo Shaw, Secretary
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