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Jan. 11, 2005 Meeting Minute
North Indian Trail Neighborhood Council

Meeting Minutes for

January 11, 2005

Welcome and Introductions, by Jeff Oas

Jeff opened the meeting and welcomed members and newcomers. He then told everyone how to use the website (NITNC) to receive information on an ongoing basis. The sponsors tab will now show Q-West as a (financial) sponsor of our organization and the officers are working obtain additional sponsors.

Jeff asked for volunteers to help in creating our spring newsletter which is published twice yearly (spring and fall). The Office of Neighborhood Services will assist with this publication.

Craig Culbertson explained the activities of the Community Assembly Advisory group and asked for a volunteer to serve as an alternate to attend the monthly meetings. He also asked for volunteers to participate in the annual clean-up program surrounding Bloomsday. Contact Craig after the meeting to volunteer.

Our guest speaker, Mayor Jim West, addressed the group telling us that his goals for Spokane include: Transparent government in which mistakes that are made are admitted, the problems fixed and operations move on. Examples were a child accidentally left on a bus alone for a short time and the fatality at the Waste Water Treatment plant. He has organized a transition team among the city employees which promotes customer service. The team will train and encourage employees to become service oriented ambassadors to Spokane. Department heads are meeting regularly with the Mayor to discuss matters pertaining to all of them such as better purchasing efficiency.

Mayor West also discussed the recent offered settlement for the River Park Square issue. He stated it is far from ideal, but will stop the loss of funds for the City. One example is that the gross parking meter money is being diverted to RPS when the net from them is about ½ the collected amount. The City’s bond rating has already risen from junk bond status to A which will save a large amount of interest when the street improvement bonds are sold.

The City budget for 2005 is the first in 35 years to project revenues to match or exceed expenses which will allow the building of a cash reserve. Labor contracts which were negotiated in prior years now have to be honored including paying some retro. wages since the city was operating without signed contracts for some time. There is a need to negotiate the health benefits coverage with the employees.

The meeting was opened for questions which included; “What is the city’s plan for dealing with developers”? A. They will all have to comply with the Comprehensive Plan guidelines. Additional zoning options are planned. Q: What can make economic development more inviting? A. Businesses will move where their operations will work best including less regulations, more technology. Q: What is the plan for Joe Albi Stadium? A. The Mayor told the group of the current plan to sell the land proposed for a sports complex near Joe Albi Stadium and develop recreational facilities on the Playfair site. Traffic mediation issues were a consideration encouraging this plan.

Jeff thanked the Mayor for meeting with us.

Craig introduced Bob Faultermeyer, Director of Excelsior Youth Center. Mr. Faultermeyer explained that the facility has had two offers to purchase some of the property. At present the facility is for sale because of financial difficulties including a 39% increase in health benefits for employees. Meeting opened for questions: Q. What comprises the clientele? A. Mostly abused young adults 12-18 years old. Q. What kind of offers? A. Two developers with a proposed K-2 designation. Q. Do you have to sell? A. Yes

Walt Jones, Neighborhood COPS volunteer, reported on the crimes in this area which included mostly vehicle prowling and malicious mischief. Burglaries have been greatly reduced since residents were encouraged to keep their garage doors closed at all times when not moving vehicles in or out. Tracy Douglas, our resource officer, also arrested a group who were responsible for many of the burglaries. Walt requested more volunteers from this neighborhood to serve at the COPS substation and that we attempt to organize more Block Watch groups here.

Treasurer’s Report, by Dwayne Jantz

The January 11th 2005 Treasurer’s Report is as follows:

Beginning Balance: $ 1,581.63

Income: $ 39.06

Q-West $ 100.00

Expenses: supplies (5.50)


Ending Balance $ 1,715.19

Attendance: 61 people

Respectfully submitted, Jo Shaw, Secretary

Next meeting will be Feb. 15, 2005. Additional information will be available on the Website.
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