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Mar. 08, 2005 Meeting Minute
North Indian Trail Neighborhood Council
Meeting Minutes for
March, 08, 2005

Welcome and Introductions,

Craig Culbertson opened the meeting by thanking everyone for attending and urged them to become acquainted with their neighbors both here and in their neighborhoods. He explained that the purpose of the council is to represent the neighborhood to the community at large and city government by participating in the Community Assembly meetings. Currently there are approximately 2,600 residents in our neighborhood council area which is a mid-range number when compared to the other neighborhood councils. This area represents one of the highest income strata in the entire city and therefore contributes a significant amount of property tax. Craig stated that this a very good reason for as many persons as possible to attend these meetings as this is the vehicle for communicating community issues to Spokane City’s decision makers.

Most of the issues discussed at this meeting were regarding planned development - some of which is old and some new but a large amount of construction will begin this summer and fall. An apartment complex near the corner of Barnes Road and Indian Trail will contain about 200 units and the units will be upscale apartments which will rent for $500.00 to $600.00. Greenstone Corp. is the developer and their staff has been working with Craig and Cheryl to mitigate some issues such as traffic routing.

A major item affecting our council is a new ordinance which has been created that will not allow members who reside in the County to vote at our meetings. Anyone can attend our meetings, but voting will be restricted to Spokane residents. Additionally, County residents may not receive informational materials which are available to neighborhood residents. Anyone with questions is asked to contact Craig or Councilman Shogan who is present. The major reason for the change is that the Council is uncomfortable with city funds being spent for the benefit of persons not living within the City limits.

Jim Bakke has agreed to serve as alternate to the Community Assembly and will represent us at meetings when Craig is unavailable.

Craig explained that the NITNC website will be updated frequently and there will be a lot more material available soon. There will be more links and it will be easier to use.

Craig explained that Cheryl Fleming helps design the Comprehensive Plan for Spokane that helps control some of the development in our neighborhood and has been a valuable asset in the design effort.

An issue of concern to NITNC is the Harlan Douglass development which is grandfathered in with regard to some regulations and will contain 269 family houses. Lot size will be approx. 50 X 100 and will contain medium priced houses. . Next to that development in an area which lies between that and the Greenstone development is a plan for an additional 212 apartment units. These plans will add up to about 14% to 16% growth in our community which will add considerably to the traffic issues. Craig and Cheryl have been working with the City Council about how to deal with the increased traffic. Water hookups are also an issue.

A positive impact from these developments could be increased staffing at fire station #17.

In answer to a question from a member, there are no plans at present to extend Barnes Road.

Documents (including location of improvements planned as a result of the street bond passage) and maps were available at the meeting and most will soon be available on the website.

In answer to a concern voiced at the Feb. meeting, there were copies of the Noise Ordinance and Code Enforcement Complaint forms made available. Forms are also available on website.

Planning is beginning for the neighborhood yard sale in June and is being coordinated by Scott Barrick. Volunteers would be appreciated as it is expected there will be even more participants this year.

Walt Jones reported on the “Neighbors on Patrol” program in our area. He stated that
our crime rate is quite low, and the best prevention for thefts is KEEPING GARAGE DOORS CLOSED as much as possible because open ones are a favorite entry target for prowlers. He appealed for more volunteers for the NOPS program.

Chuck Moser discussed the plan regarding the issue of dump passes to residents during 2005. The neighborhood has received a $5,000.00 allocation which can be used partially in the spring and the balance in the fall. In 2005, we will only have passes which allow residents to haul their own discards away. The dates for use will be available when the passes are picked up. The group agreed to issue the passes in $35.00 increments Passes may be picked up here at the April meeting and persons wanting them will be asked to give their name, address, and phone number. Chuck will have more information at the April meeting and he urged people who picked them up to use them because it has been a problem in the past with people picking them up and a very low percentage of them were actually used. Passes can be picked up for a neighbor as long as a name, address and phone number is given. There will be no curbside pickup this year because last year’s collection cost was about $5,000 more than our allocation.

Chuck also said that there will be a hazardous waste pick up on April 16th. Materials can be placed on your curb and will be taken for proper disposal. If people don’t know what is in containers in their homes, he urged that it be put out picked up.

Chuck asked for volunteers to pick up litter along Indian Trail Road from Kathleen to the City Limits. More information will be given at a later meeting.

Craig reported that sometime soon (probably June) this council will be applying for a grant to fund projects in our neighborhood. It is unknown whether this will be allowed.

Treasurer’s Report, by Dwayne Jantz

The March 8h 2005 Treasurer’s Report is as follows:

Beginning Balance: $ 1,827.64
Income: $ 50.84
Expenses: none
Ending Balance $1,878.44

Dwayne reported on the location of construction projects for 2005 so that people can be
prepared for delays.

Attendance: 46 people

Respectfully submitted, Jo Shaw, Secretary

Next meeting will be April 12, 2005. Additional information will be available on the Website. NITNC.COM
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