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Apr. 12, 2005 Meeting Minute
North Indian Trail Neighborhood Council
Meeting Minutes for
April 12, 2005

Welcome and Introductions,

Jeff Oas, co-chair, opened the meeting at 7:00PM by introducing Craig Culbertson, co-chair, and welcoming the larger than usual crowd. He explained the purpose of NITNC is to encourage people to meet their neighbors and find out what is going on in their neighborhoods. This Council serves as the neighborhood’s voice to City Government.

The Council’s newsletter will be coming out in the near future and will be mailed to residents in this area.

The NITNC website will be continually updated through the summer months and Jeff encouraged people to continually check it for new information since there will be no regular meetings during the summer months. The website will be made as user friendly as possible.

Craig Culbertson introduced Jim Bakke who has volunteered to be the alternate Community Assembly representative. Jim is a retired City of Spokane employee who will attend the meetings when Craig is unable to do so.

Craig asked for volunteers to assist with the community yard sale which is scheduled for June 4th from 8:00AM to 4:00PM. There is a sign-up sheet on the website for anyone who can give some time to help organize this event. It is the Council’s major fund raiser for the year and over 100 entries are expected. In the past our advertisements have attracted customers from a large surrounding area so the event has been a big success for everyone. Scott Barrick is coordinating the yard sale this year as he has in previous years. There will also be a blank form on the website to sign up to participate as a seller..

Craig asked how many people attending realized that our neighborhood is going to grow about 20% in total number of households within the next year or year and a half. A member asked if any roads were going to be increased and Craig stated that there is no plan at present to change anything about the roads.

Jeff explained that we do not have a key speaker tonight because of the time needed to deal with the dump passes. He asked for input regarding concerns which the members might have. He would also like suggestions about speakers that could be invited to future meetings.

Craig told the members that he is working hard to have the Chief of Police as our speaker in May, as May 10th will be the last meeting until September. He introduced Councilman, Joe Shogan who is our representative from this area and thanked him for attending our meetings. He also introduced Jim Bakke our alternate representative to the Community Assembly who attended the last meeting of that organization.

Jim told the group that the last meeting was primarily about planning and where the City is in the planning process. The real planning effort is on the centers and corridors concept. The City is only doing assessments, mostly involving demographics, in four locations this year. Planning outside these four locations seems to be a dead issue for 2005. The only area to be studied near here is northwest. The traffic and transportation department is concentrating its effort on improving the flow along 29th Ave on the South Hill.

The City is working on a rewrite of the Planning Codes. The concept of neighborhood planning is that it be more detailed than the Comprehensive Plan but consistent with the Comprehensive Plan. Jim urged the members to inform themselves as to what is going on in terms of whether construction activities are complying with the Plan. Our mechanisms for insuring compliance are: The Community Assembly, Spokane’s Planning Services and the Office of Neighborhood Services. Members are encouraged to be aware of what is going on because one developer attending an earlier meeting declared the Comp. Plan and neighborhood plans to be “living documents” by which he meant “dead”. They want to do what they want to do and ignore what the Plans say.

The Community Assembly will meet during the summer and information pertinent to our area will be posted on the Neighborhood Services and the Planning Dept’s. Websites. Members are encouraged to monitor the websites to help insure that the plans are followed. Jim also requested members with concerns to write letters to the various City Departments expressing those concerns. If anyone has a possible solution to a problem, the Council people would like to be told about it. There are links on the NITNC website to the various City websites, Office of Neighborhood Services and the Community Assembly which can be accessed by anyone.

The officers this year are striving to develop a partnership with the businesses in this neighborhood in order that the owners may have a voice in proposed changes as well as the NITNC members. This has taken the form of sponsorships of which the newest is US Bank represented by Paul Long. Sponsors are asked to participate in the meetings, take an interest in the community and make a donation to cover the cost of putting their information on the website.

Jim Bakke said there is going to be a training session for community leaders, (anyone who is interested in becoming more involved in the neighborhood councils) the date has not been set but will probably be the first part of May.

Chuck Moser reported on the dump passes which were distributed at this meeting which allow residents of NITN to haul discards to the waste to energy plant. Dump passes have a value of $35.00 for 666lbs. Seventy five were given out at this meeting and we still have about 75 left. Any leftover allocation can be retained and offered again in the fall. Chuck reminded everyone to be sure to cover any load they are hauling. The passes can only be used at the Geiger Waste to Energy facility.

He told us that the Geiger Corrections facility had provided roadside litter pickup services during March on two different occasions. He gave instructions as to how participate in the hazardous waste pickup on April 16th. Jeff thanked Chuck and Terry Deno for their efforts coordinating this program

Cheryl Fleming gave a bit of history by telling that Mike and Sharon Page were the instruments in starting our neighborhood council. They were active in this neighborhood especially with land use issues before the neighborhood council program ever started. Cheryl became involved beginning in 1992 upon responding to an invitation to a neighborhood gathering at the park. Sharon was the first chair of the Neighborhood Council and Mike has also served as an officer both devoting much time and energy to neighborhood issues. She also expressed appreciation for the efforts of the present officers. Jeff asked everyone who had volunteered in behalf of the council at any time to stand to be recognized. She restated the information that the focus of the City Planning Dept. now is centers and corridors. There are about 4 neighborhoods that have centers and corridors so that is where the effort is going at this time as far as planning. She told about a local planning committee that has been working on a weekly basis for over a year on a Neighborhood Specific plan. The goal for this committee is to have the plan which has been created adopted by the City hopefully by the end of 2005. She feels it is very important that this neighborhood have a Plan in place as so much development is planned for this summer and in future years. This is mandated by the Comp. Plan and the Neighborhood Specific Plan which came into existence because of the diligent work of the committee. A draft plan is completed and the committee is reviewing that draft to insure that is complete in the way they wish it to be. After the draft is reviewed, it will be put on the NITNC website for everyone to view. Hard copies will also be available at the library should anyone not have access to the website. Cheryl invited any member with questions to call or e-mail her. Her contact information is on the agenda. She thanked Joe Shogan for listening to us and becoming aware that we do need for this Plan to be adopted. The Planning Dept. has promised to allow some time for the committee to present their Plan. She assured the members that the assessment(s) which was referred to earlier has been completed over a year ago for our area this was done at the urging of the local NITNC committee. Anyone is welcome to attend any or all of these planning meetings.

Walt Jones reported the crimes were: 1 suspicious person, 1 suspicious circumstance, 1 burglary, l malicious mischief, 8 vehicle prowlings, 2 vehicle thefts. Neighbors noticed suspicious activity and called the police, but 2 vehicles were stolen. The NOPS volunteers have been active, but still need many more volunteers even though this is a fairly crime free area. Women would be very welcome. He urged people to call 911 when there is a crime in progress and not the crime reporting number which is 932-9266 and to be used for non-emergency reports.

A door prize which was a bag of coffee and a gift certificate for Starbuck’s was given away.

Treasurer’s report: by Dwayne Jantz

Mar. balance $1,878.44
Donations 3/8 mtg. 72.00
Donations U S Bank 100.00
Total $2,050.44

Prince of Peace Church 100.00
donation _____________________
Balance as of April 12 $1,950.44

Dwayne read a letter from Paul Long representing the Indian Trail Branch of U S Bank expressing support of NITNC. He would like time for a presentation at one of our meetings.

Jeff thanked everyone for coming to our meeting. He expressed our appreciation for the use of the Prince of Peace facility and the volunteers who make this organization work.

A blood drive will be held April 24th at Prince of Peace Church from 12:00PM to 5:00PM.

89 members attended.

Respectfully submitted,

Jo Shaw, Secretary
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