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Meeting Minutes :
May. 10, 2005 Meeting Minute
North Indian Trail Neighborhood Council
Meeting Minutes for
May 10, 2005

Welcome and Introductions,

Jeff Oas opened the meeting by greeting everyone and introducing Co-chair, Craig Culbertson. He explained that this group is the vehicle by which residents views are submitted to the Community Assembly group for further consideration. The Office of Neighborhood Services as well as the City Links on the NITNC website are also agencies that members can contact individually with concerns or questions. Jeff announced that newsletters had been mailed to everyone in the area just before this meeting and anyone who did not receive a copy can see one of the officers after the meeting to receive one.

Yard Sale: June 4th

Scott Barrick is the organizer of the yard sale this year and anyone wanting to participate must absolutely deliver their registration form by May 24th. The reason for the deadline is the lead time needed for organizing, advertising and printing the information. Forms are available on the website and in the newsletter. Scott still needs volunteers to meet the first part of June to prepare materials for distribution to sellers. Some volunteers will also be needed to distribute these materials to the seller’s homes Friday, June 3rd.


Craig Culbertson introduced the agenda and also asked members to express thanks to Prince of Peace Church staff for the information about our meetings which they post on their sign in front. Their members are volunteering to provide this service.

Craig introduced Candace Mumm, a resident of Five Mile Prairie, who gave a history of the efforts of a small group to establish a natural area which would be available for recreation and wildlife use. The proposal is now about to be finalized between the City and County. Expenses would be paid by the Conservation Futures tax which is levied on all property in this area.

The publicity generated by the Five Mile Prairie group initiated queries from the Indian Trail Neighborhood Council members as to how to establish something similar in this area. In trying to identify a suitable area, Candace told them about an area at the bottom of Five Mile which is called the Viking Rock. Viking Rock is part of the original Indian Trail containing a spring and bears a legend which says the area was the site of an Indian conflict with some Vikings, No one knows the validity of the legend. This bit of history drew the interest of Smithsonian historians who sent a professor to visit the area in 1926. This visit produced considerable publicity in the local newspapers.

Candace and a small group of people began investigating the idea of establishing a natural area when they discovered that the property had been recently sold. The group decided to meet with the developer who told them the plans were to build 212 mixed housing units in the near future. This would cover almost all of the property. The developer agreed to establish some trails and preserve the historic rock site. The group asked to at least nominate part of the property for conservations futures designation. The developer agreed to work with us to put together a plan but it was discovered that he only had an option to purchase from Excelsior Youth Center. This discovery allowed the area to be nominated for a natural area and the nomination was submitted on Monday. Candace listed the agencies who have given letters of support for the nomination. She is optimistic that at least some of the land will be preserved. The public process is available on the Spokane Co. website under Parks Dept. then Conservation Futures.
Candace felt the most important thing members can do is send polite letters to Excelsior Youth Center stating that we appreciate their being good neighbors and we hope that some of this land can be preserved for everyone to use. If land is purchased with Conservation Futures funds, the seller would be paid full value for it. Craig Culbertson told the members that Dennis Hession, our City Council President, sits on the Board of Directors of Excelsior Center so he would be a good contact person.

Craig introduced Paul Long, manager of US Bank’s Indian Trail branch and one of NITNC’s business partners. Paul wanted to let people know that this branch is open seven days per week. While this branch is small all the services provided by a large branch are available here.

Chuck Moser gave a quick update about the success of the dump pass program. Eighty five $35.00 passes were issued with 65 being used. Of the $5,000 allocated $1,181 was used which means that at least 100 more $35.00 passes can be given out next fall. Members voted to issue the fall passes at the October 2005 meeting. Chuck also reported that hazardous waste was picked up at 15 homes. Residents were urged to remove any signs which they post along Indian Trail in order to prevent them from becoming trash along the roadside.

Craig introduced Deputy Police Chief, Roberts who has been asked to talk to the members about issues affecting this neighborhood. Deputy Roberts has been involved with this area for a number of years and said the problems haven’t changed. Some of these are planning, response and public safety. Development will be an issue because there won’t be any more police officers to serve more residences and as density increases the ratio of problems to housing units’ remains about the same as in the past. Some people have problem kids, relatives or are just poor neighbors in general. Traffic will still be a big issue since we don’t have a network of arterials running through the neighborhood.

Chief Roberts said that the police planners are going to keep a close eye on the planned developments with regard to services which will be needed. With summer coming, there will be more difficulties to deal with due somewhat to more outside activities. He emphasized the ever present threat of identity theft which is probably the most expensive and frustrating crime to deal with. Because of the present budget cuts, staff is so limited officers will spend most of their time dealing with emergency calls. A special emphasis will be on home invasions because of the possibility of personal injury.

Walt Jones reported a rash of vehicle crimes in this neighborhood the last two weekends during the early morning hours. Two ways in which residents can be helpful is to take notice of suspicious activity, gather information such as license plate numbers and call 911 immediately, He urged all residents to STOP leaving valuables such as checkbooks, mail or computers in their cars.

Another activity being sponsored primarily by the schools is the Mc Gruff program which would like to create a roster of approved residents children can contact if they experience a fearful incident such as injury or becoming lost. Children would know that residents on the roster can be trusted to help. Hopefully the list will be in place as schools begin in the fall.

Treasurer’s report: by Dwayne Jantz
Report not read at the meeting due to lack of time.

May 10 balance $2,023.45
Donations 5/10mtg. 67.00
Yard sale receipts 30.00
Total $2,120.45

Expenses; -0-
Balance as of May 11 $2,120.45

Members present: 83

Respectfully submitted,

Jo Shaw, Secretary
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