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Oct. 11, 2005 Meeting Minute
North Indian Trail Neighborhood Council

Meeting Minutes for

October 11, 2005

Welcome and Introductions, by Jeff Oas

Jeff opened the meeting and welcomed members and newcomers and explained that our next meeting will be on November 15, 2005 because the regular meeting date would create a conflict with the use of the Prince of Peace Church as a polling place for the general election. Jeff explained the purposes of the regular meetings are for members to become acquainted with their neighbors, and become informed about issues affecting the residents of the area. He announced that NITNC will be conducting a candidate’s forum for Spokane City council positions on Oct. 24th here from 7:00PM to 8:00PM. This will be our last chance to ask questions of candidates Corker and Mc Laughlin.

There is going to be an informational meeting concerning increasing our branch library hours Wed. Oct. 19th at the Indian Trail Branch Library at 8:00PM.

Jeff introduced the issue of our group making a contribution to Prince of Peace Church for the generous use of their facilities (including their public address system and kitchen). The group has previously been donating $100.00 semi-annually. He asked for a motion from the members and suggested raising the total to $150.00 semi-annually. The motion was made, seconded and carried that the group donate a total of $300.00 annually.

Chuck Moser reported on his distribution of the dump passes to neighborhood residents. The passes are to be filled out before a person arrives at the waste to energy plant with their load of material which can weigh up to 650 pounds. This makes the process faster for everyone. He also cautioned residents to be certain that their load is secured so that none of it blows off along the route. The fine for having this happen is about $300.00. He also asked anyone posting signs along the road to remove them after a few days so they don’t blow down and create more trash.

There were questions from the members as to what will be happening within the area which has the burned timber. Jeff suggested interested members see him after the meeting as some of the information is indefinite and he will try to find out exactly what is planned. Cheryl Fleming told the group that she had phoned Mr. Douglass and thanked him for removing much of the burned timber which was on his property.

Jeff introduced Cheryl who, together with some other community leaders, has been working on a Neighborhood Specific Plan draft which has involved two years of volunteer effort and has now has been submitted for public review. This draft is on the NITNC website home page. Cheryl recognized the individuals who have been involved in this two year effort from the initial meeting July 1st, 2003. She thanked John Dietzman who has volunteered much time creating the maps which accompany the Plan The maps were on display at the meeting. The draft is on the NITNC website and contains an e-mail address which can be utilized to submit comments. The e-mail address can be located by utilizing a link which appears on the website. Cheryl told anyone having trouble accessing the e-mail that they could contact her personally via phone or her e-mail both of which are listed on the agenda.

Cheryl recognized the persons who had volunteered numerous hours at meetings to complete this draft. She told the members that the school district owns land just adjacent to the Prince of Peace church and plans to keep it in case the need arises for another school.

Cheryl explained the City’s Comprehensive Plan which was developed as a vision, including goals and policies, for the next 20 years regarding growth and development including zoning and proposed zoning. It governs how the city should develop physically, socially and economically. The NIT committee has included these same elements. The City’s plan was approved in 2001. At the outset of developing this Plan all neighborhood groups were asked to create a Neighborhood Specific Plan although not all neighborhoods are participating. The NIT neighborhood responded because this is a fast growing area with lots of planning issues. The final neighborhood plan will be adopted into the official plan by the City Council. A part of this process is the requirement that the Plan be made available for public review. She asked the members to review the Draft on the website (NITNC) and submit their comments to help complete this process. Comments should be submitted using the e-mail address Cheryl will be contacting businesses, churches and developers in the area to solicit their comments. The creating committee will then meet again to revise the Plan incorporating appropriate suggestions that are received. The review period ends on Nov. 11th.

Presently the group is requesting painted bike lanes along Indian Trail road partly because the City is encouraging alternative modes of transportation such as bicycles to save energy. Cheryl read part of the Draft Plan which can be accessed on the Website. Maintaining the character of the area as mostly single family homes is one of the goals with higher density housing being located in close proximity to the shopping centers. Traffic routing concerns were expressed by members.

Jeff thanked Cheryl for her efforts on behalf of the neighborhood as she has been the driving force in community planning for some time.

Walt Jones gave a limited report on crime in the area (due to a computer glitch) and mentioned that the speed limit for Indian Trail from Kathleen to Francis is 30MPH. He again reminded residents to KEEP GARAGE DOORS CLOSED especially since several persons who have committed residential burglaries in the past are again living in the area. Any problems such as break-ins should be reported either to the Cop Shop kiosk or the crime reporting office to create an accurate report of what is happening.

Clay Shueman reported that there had been a proposal by a developer to share the costs of paving along Barnes Road to help create an additional arterial which would join with Strong Road near the top of the hill. Some of Strong Road is within the County’s jurisdiction at the present time. . Clay came to the meeting because the city’s street department wanted to know if the residents would support using $250,000 which has been made available from the recently passed street bond to be used as matching funds for street improvements. Barnes Road would then be considered a light arterial and be built to the required standards for that designation. In Clay’s opinion there will not be a Barnes Road connection to Highway 291 any time soon. There are a number of entities involved along that proposed route. The members indicated their enthusiastic support for using the $250,000 as proposed.

Jeff closed the meeting by thanking the attendees.

The October 11th 2005 Treasurer’s Report is as follows:

Beginning Balance: $2,884.12

Receipts $ 58.80

Expenses: $ 87.70


Ending Balance $ 2,854.42

Dwayne also gave an annual report to date and anyone wishing to review that may call Dwayne.

Attendance: 89 people

Respectfully submitted, Jo Shaw, Secretary

Next meeting will be Nov . 15, 2005. Additional information will be available on the Website.
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