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Meeting Minutes :
Nov. 15, 2005 Meeting Minute
North Indian Trail Neighborhood Council

Meeting Minutes for

November 15 2005

Welcome and Introductions, by Craig Culbertson

Craig opened the meeting and welcomed members and newcomers.

Crime Report:

Walt Jones reported on COPS Northwest activities. Area patrols are continuing and Halloween was apparently a good experience for everyone. Parents were seen to be closely observing children who were on the streets with regard to everyone’s safety. The blowgun incident which was reported by the news media was handled appropriately by the City Police. He told everyone the location of the COPS shop in the Shadle shopping center.

. Report from Jim Bakke Community Assembly Alternate Representative

Jim began his report by stating that a Barnes Road to Strong Road extension is merely a proposal at this time and that the City has not identified any funding for such a project.

Jim told the members that his group has been working to present suggestions for an impact fee ordinance to be enacted by the City Council. This process will be quite complex because of the other agencies and entities (such as Spokane County) which must be involved. At present any impact fees paid by developers in an area are voluntary. This was allowed by an Ordinance passed by the City Council during the summer of 2005. This Ordinance was passed by the City without any input from the neighborhoods. Cheryl Fleming and Kathy Miotke researched the issue and found this method of determining impact fees did not meet the concurrency requirements designated by the City and in effect at the present time. They presented their findings to the City and as a result the interim voluntary impact fee ordinance has been repealed.

The City has now formed a committee of stakeholders, which includes representatives from the neighborhoods. The draft ordinance now being prepared by this group will help set impact fees and designate the number of structures which will trigger the need for impact fees to be paid. An example might be that a single house would not require an impact fee. The group will consider the cumulative effect of all developments in the area before impact could be determined. The target date for completing this draft, which will also define service areas, is end of January 2006. As of the end of March 2006, a cost estimate for these fees is expected to be completed. The group hopes to obtain 50% of the costs of additional infrastructure from the impact fees to be paid by developers. The City would then be able to apply for matching grants with the funds generated. The group expects to have the proposed ordinance completed by the end of April, 2006. The draft proposal would then be sent to the Spokane Public Works Committee, the Planning Commission and the City Council for finalizing. Jim feels the neighborhoods will have to continue to keep the City officials informed as to their desires for the structure of the neighborhoods.

Councilman Joe Shogan reported that there are no transportation projects in this area that have been funded at the present time.

Guest Speaker, Dr. Nancy Stowell, Associate Superintendent, District 81 Schools

Dr. Stowell began by stating that District 81 has three goals for students.

1. All will succeed at each grade level

2. High levels of achievement will always be supported

3. Eighty two percent of students will show achievement above the WASL standards. Ninety percent is the eventual goal for 2007.

She stated that 3 years each of math is now the standard for high school curriculum and the district is looking at requiring 3 years of science as well. There is a continuing effort to raise the graduation standards.. Students who are now in the 10th grade will need a certificate of academic achievement, for graduation from High School. This will require the ability to pass the 10th grade WASL. The District has been working to assist all their teachers in improving teaching skills. The District is also making a great effort to assist motivated students to take classes in addition to the regular curriculum some of which can be taken with the use of computers.

The District is also having to deal with the skyrocketing costs of construction of capital projects. A local property tax levy will be on the ballot in the spring of 2006 which will be provide funding for the years 2007, 2008 and .2009.

Craig thanked Dr. Stowell for her presentation. He also reported that the NITNC is in the process of finalizing a change in its structure to a formalize as 501 organization. This will enable anyone making a donation to support the Council’s activities to claim a tax deduction

The October 11th 2005 Treasurer’s Report is as follows:

Beginning Balance: $2,857.12

Donations $ 57.50

Expenses for copying $ 102.88


Ending Balance $2,811.74

Dwayne Jantz reported that he had been checking the possibility of obtaining a device to be placed alongside streets which would notify drivers as to their speed. This was used in the Gonzaga District as a tool for encouraging drivers to slow down. He obtained the information that these devices must be purchased by the area wanting to use them and are quite expensive. Craig suggested that maybe we could work on a plan to share something like this with another neighborhood as it could be moved easily from one location to another.

Craig thanked the members for attending the meeting.

Meeting adjourned.

Attendance: 35 people

Respectfully submitted, Jo Shaw, Secretary

No meeting is planned for December, 2005

Next meetings will be: January 10, 2006

February 14, 2006

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