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Feb. 21, 2006 Meeting Minute
North Indian Trail Neighborhood Council
Meeting Minutes for
February 21, 2006

Welcome and Introductions, by Jeff Oas

Jeff opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and explaining the activities of the Council and asking for everyone's involvement in our community affairs.

Jeff then introduced Cheryl Fleming who talked about the draft Neighborhood Specific Plan which has been created during the last two and a half years by a small group of volunteers. Cheryl explained that Spokane is required to have a comprehensive plan to guide growth. About three years ago the City asked the neighborhoods to submit neighborhood specific plans for land use. The volunteers developed this document and a draft has now been finished This draft Plan is now ready to go before the City entities involved such as the Planning Commission and the City Council for review. Cheryl thanked everyone who gave time and energy in creating this draft.

Cheryl introduced Rob Crow who is the newly selected City Council member replacing Joe Shogan after Joe’s appointment as Council President. The group welcomed Councilman Crow. There are now three persons residing in this area serving on the Council.

There was some discussion about proposed changes to Barnes Road to the East, with the funding being promised as described in the minutes of Jan. 2006. The City is hoping to start this project the summer of 2006.

Nancy Johnson gave a short presentation on the Master Gardner's organization which is encouraging people to plant vegetable gardens this spring. Flyers regarding an educational program about back yard gardens can be obtained by calling the Spokane Co. Extension Office. Four classes are being offered at the Extension Office on Saturdays from 10:00 until noon. The cost for all four classes is $30.00 and they start March 11th, April 15th, April 22nd, and May 6th.

John Eastman spoke in behalf of the Shadle Park HS grad. night fund raiser to be held Saturday. The funds support activities that provide appropriate entertainment for graduates.

Jack Poole reported on plans to eventually construct a road from the Nine Mile Road that would connect to Farwell Road located north of the Bonneville right-of-way. Information can be obtained by visiting the website.

Chuck Moser has been the coordinator of our program for refuse disposal for 8 years assisted by John Deno. This program includes dump passes, roadside refuse pickup and hazardous waste pickup for Indian Trail residents. Spokane City allocates $5,000 annually to each neighborhood. Leftover funds are reallocated to neighborhoods which need additional help. In 2005, NIT used over $4,000 of the allocation in the form of dump passes. These allow residents to dispose of $35.00 worth of refuse at no charge, but refuse must be delivered to the Waste to Energy site by the resident.

There was a motion to use the dump pass method to allocate the funds in 2006. Motion seconded and carried. Dump passes will be available just prior to the meeting April 11. Dates of eligibility for use will be weekends April 15th, 22nd and 29th. Another service available to seniors and disabled residents is the pickup by volunteers of hazardous waste from homes. The date for this pickup is April 29th and the number to call prior to that date is 532-7645.

Jim Bakke, who has been our liaison by attending the Community Assembly meetings, reported on the progress of the development of permanent impact fees to be charged to builders constructing new buildings in the City. The entire process is lengthy because it must be presented to many different departments for approval. More news will be available in subsequent months.

Craig addressed the crowd with a proposal that the group might consider combining with the South Indian Trail/Balboa neighborhoods and being known as Indian Trail. At this time Sid Bankey has resigned his leadership of the SIT/Balboa group after many years of service. Craig explained the pros and cons of this combining. He presented copies of the organizational structure which would be in place if his proposal were to be implemented. This information will be available on the website in the near future. This proposal will be discussed further at subsequent meetings.

Neighbors on Patrol Report: Walt Jones

Walt reported that there has been very little crime reported with the exception of some nuisance ones but he suspects that some incidents are not being reported. While patrolling he is still seeing garage doors open and vehicles parked in driveways overnight with items inside
which create tempting opportunities for burglars. There seems to be a group of young drug addicts cruising the neighborhoods and they are seeing NEAT stuff in our garages. The NOPS people are also observing a number of vehicles that are running with no occupant creating a prime opportunity for theft.

Craig mentioned that Councilman Crow would be available for comments or questions after the meeting is officially adjourned. .

There is a need for more volunteers to help with the phone tree calling. Please contact any officer or Patty Shadden @ 467-0483 if you can spare about 1 hour per month to help provide this service.

Treasurer's Report: Dwayne Jantz

Beginning Balance. Jan. 2006 $2,860.74
Receipts $ 35.00
Expenses: $ 150.00
Ending Balance Feb. 2006 $2,745.74

Meeting attendance was 56

The next meeting is scheduled for March 14th 2006.

Respectfully submitted, Jo Shaw, Secretary
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