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Mar. 14, 2006 Meeting Minute
North Indian Trail Neighborhood Council

Meeting Minutes for

March 14, 2006

Welcome and Introductions, by Jeff Oas

Jeff opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and explaining the duties of the co-chairs Jeff and Craig Culbertson. He also introduced Jo Shaw, Secretary; Dwayne Jantz, Treasurer; Jim Bakke, Community Assembly Rep.: Alice Rhodes and Jeanne Ablutz, Refreshments; Terry Deno and Chuck Moser, Neighborhood Clean-up; Jim Wiebers, Road Signage; Patty Shadden, Phone Tree. These persons are all volunteers but more volunteers are always welcome

Neither Rob Crow or Nancy Mc Laughlin were able to attend our meeting this month but there are other issues to report about the neighborhood. Jeff stressed the importance of each member getting to know their neighbors and inviting them to attend meetings if they are not already doing so.

Chuck Moser presented an update on the dump pass program. Details were thoroughly reported in the February minutes so won’t be repeated. The free passes, with a value of $35.00, will be distributed prior to the April 11th meeting. These may be picked up for other residents provided there is some proof that they live in this neighborhood.

A hazardous waste pickup will be conducted by volunteers on April 29th for seniors and disabled residents. The number to call to schedule a pickup is 532-7645 prior to April 29th. Terry Deno is assisting Chuck with this program. Volunteers to assist with this would be most welcome. Call Chuck 466-5441 or Terry 466-9536.

Craig introduced Patty Shadden, the phone tree coordinator. Patty is in need of volunteers to assist in calling residents who do not have e-mail addresses to notify them of meeting dates and agendas. He asked that anyone who can spare an hour or so a month please contact Patty after the meeting. Craig asked that the members who would like to volunteer their time for any activity to fill out the form on the back of tonight’s agenda and they will be contacted

Craig thanked Jim Wiebers for posting road signs each month announcing the NITNC meeting dates and times. He also reported maps showing the changes to be made to Barnes Road have not been completed by the architectural firm as yet. Construction is expected to start this summer and when completed will greatly reduce fire department response times to its service area.

In response to a question from a member about property tax increases, Craig explained the methods which are used to determine how much property tax is owed on each property.

Craig said that he has had several requests from political candidates to speak to our group and asked for a vote about whether the members wished to allow this. Motion to invite candidates seconded and carried.

Jim Bakke reported on Community Assembly activities including the progress of the development of permanent impact fees to be charged to builders constructing new buildings in the City. The Spokane Regional Transportation Council has hired a consulting firm to conduct a regional study of issues related to impact fees and how that affects concurrency requirements. In their final form impact fees would be assessed depending upon the district in which the project occurs. One goal of this approach is to levy impact fees in a manner that provides no advantage to a developer to move to a specific area in order to avoid the fees. Hopefully a draft will be completed by the end of April.

Plans are being created to give the Community Assembly group the ability to act on issues in a more rapid manner in order to present their findings and recommendations to the City Council and Mayor before final actions are taken. One plan would be to create a pipeline by which information from volunteer groups such as neighborhood councils would always be communicated to the Community Assembly timely.

Cheryl Fleming addressed the group regarding the developments when our draft Neighborhood Specific Plan was presented to the Planning Commission staff. She began by commenting that Spokane has been out of compliance with the Growth Management Act for the past five years with regard to their concurrency requirements. The concurrency requirements demand that infrastructure, such as adequate roads, be in place to handle impacts before development can occur in an area. The delays in creating an impact fee ordinance seem to be a large part of the overall problem of development occurring with no fees being assessed to pay for needed improvements. The Five Mile Prairie residents filed a lawsuit to deal with these issues.

Cheryl reported that when the draft Neighborhood Specific Plan was presented to the Planning Office, it was made very clear by the employees that the City was not going to accept these drafts from the neighborhoods as part of the City's Comprehensive Plan. The reason given was there is not enough staff to read the drafts. The neighborhood plans were declared redundant and it is unclear what will happen with them. Cheryl asked that every person at the meeting contact the Mayor's office by phone or mail soon to express our disappointment and frustration about the manner in which this draft has been rejected. Please ask that this matter be investigated because the City is to update its Comprehensive Plan be updated every five years and the update is due in 2006. She feels that unless City officials hear from all of us about this matter, nothing will be done with the input generated in the draft NSP.

Neighbors on Patrol Report: Walt Jones

Walt stated that there has been only one crime reported during the past month. He is quite certain that is not accurate and encouraged people to report any incidents that occur on their property in order to build an accurate database for the area. There were no reports of car prowling during the “B” basketball tournaments at the Arena this year. He felt this was because of volunteer patrols helping the parking lot staff. One incident of graffiti being sprayed on a mailbox has occurred in this neighborhood.

Treasurer's Report: Dwayne Jantz

Beginning Balance. Mar. 2006 $2,745.74

Receipts $ 38.75

Expenses: $ 16.05


Ending Balance Mar. 2006 $2,768.44

Meeting attendance was 56

The next meeting is scheduled for April 11th 2006.

Respectfully submitted, Jo Shaw, Secretary
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