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Apr. 11, 2006 Meeting Minute
North Indian Trail Neighborhood Council
Meeting Minutes for
April 11, 2006

Welcome and Introductions, by Craig Culbertson,

Craig opened the meeting by telling everyone that the Council will be electing officers at the May meeting and nominations are being solicited as of now. Officers serve a two year term as dictated by the bylaws.

Chuck Mosier and Terry Deno distributed dump passes prior to the meeting and Chuck reminded everyone that the passes must be filled out before arriving at the incinerator in order to save time and also to have loads securely covered as there is a substantial fine for littering. There are more passes available and anyone wanting one can contact Chuck at 466 5441 Chuck and Terry will also be arranging for free hazardous waste pickups from area homes April 29th for Physically Challenged persons and Seniors. All items must be at the curb by 8:00AM. Pickups must be arranged by calling 532-7545 prior to the 29th. Craig thanked Chuck and Terry for their efforts in making this program a success.

Craig urged everyone to participate in the nomination of officers by completing the form given out with this evening’s agenda and returning it to one of the present officers. If anyone would like to serve, they should nominate themselves on the form. Craig announced that he will not be running for another term as co-chair although he will serve as pro tem. Dwayne Jantz has agreed to serve again if elected. The position of Secretary will be open. NITNC will have many issues to follow and hopefully influence in the coming years. Craig mentioned that NITNC has a number of people who continually help out with these issues on an ongoing basis. Cheryl Fleming, as well as others, has given a great many hours to planning and research. Craig mentioned that 5% of the total income in the City is generated in the Indian Trail district. NITNC also has the largest attendance at meetings. He feels our efforts do make a difference in decisions made by the City officials.

The only project planned for this summer is the community yard sale which will be the first Saturday in June and volunteers will be needed to make this a success.

Neighborhood Development

Jim Bakke reported on the progress of the Barnes Road project. Startup of the project is still awaiting the developer’s engineers completion of the design work. At this point the final plans are not complete, there are no estimates of the cost and there are no signed agreements with anybody. The expectation is that it will go ahead.

As far as the impact fee development process, there was no meeting a couple of weeks ago, but one is scheduled for the 14th of April. The Planning staff and others are working on a draft ordinance now which may be ready for review at the meeting on the 14th. A topic of discussion will be the unfunded project list which could tentatively be funded with impact fee revenues such as the re-striping of Indian Trail road. The re-striping would create four lanes and eliminate the center turn lanes. Jim asked for feedback from the members Craig mentioned that most traffic counts have been conducted during hours when traffic is at its lightest. At present, the City has no baseline traffic studies that document traffic capacity which enables developers to claim they are each only adding a small amount to the existing load.

Jim asked members to contact the City officials to express their desire to have an impact fee ordinance passed as soon as possible.

The history of Indian Trail, as reported by one of the members, indicates that a four lane roadway was strongly recommended during the early 1990’s as development was predicted. The City failed to exercise its right of Imminent Domain to gain enough right-of-way for this to occur.

At the Community Assembly meetings attendees were advised of a couple of new websites soon to be able to be accessed via Spokaneplanning.Org and titled Pass which displays summary sheets that will list every application which has been submitted and it’s status. The information will also list the name of the planner who is responsible for each project. That planner is the person to whom ideas, issues or concerns should be addressed to be effective before the plan is finalized. Another website to be accessed is contains all the information regarding street projects. County wide transportation information is also available in pamphlet form which can be downloaded or requested from the Office of Neighborhood Services.

A member reported that the Journal of Business is reporting that there are proposed Zoning changes that will allow construction on much smaller lots than presently allowed and the use of stories above businesses as residences.

Craig requested a support vote as to whether the members approved the re-striping of Indian Trail Road to create four lanes. Vote supported.

Walt Jones gave a report on area criminal activity for the month. One malicious mischief was reported and he informed the group that two potential troublemakers had moved from the neighborhood. He again stated that residents should be very careful about leaving garage doors open while not actually in the garage as five minutes is long enough to “grab and run”. Another volunteer has joined the NOPS group and soon will be providing service. More volunteers are always needed.

Craig announced that a newsletter will be sent to each home in the NIT area within the next two weeks.

Treasurer’s Report by Dwayne Jantz

Beginning Balance. Apr. $2,768.44
Receipts $ 39.00
Expenses: $ -0-
Ending Balance Apr. 2006 $2,807.44

Meeting attendance was 79

The next meeting is scheduled for May 9th 2006.

Respectfully submitted, Jo Shaw, Secretary
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