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Sep. 11, 2018 @ 7:00 PM at the The Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
Meeting Minutes :
May. 09, 2006 Meeting Minute
North Indian Trail Neighborhood Council
Meeting Minutes for
May 9, 2006

Welcome and Introductions, by Jeff Oas,

Jeff opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and encouraging them to become familiar with their neighbors and neighborhood. This will be enjoyable as well as promoting safety issues, and crime reporting as well as spreading the word about other concerns.

Jeff turned the meeting over to Craig who gave information about the NITNC sponsored community yard sale which will be June 3rd. Information and sign up sheets will be in the Newsletter which will be in the mail later this week. Craig asked for volunteers to make up packets and deliver them the evening of June 2nd. Five or six people will be needed to come to the Church for a short period of time.

Craig reported that last night (May 8th) the City Council inserted a provision into the Residential Code (which will go into effect next year) which will allow a small office designation in several areas such as the Tombari properties near Barnes Road. The most significant change is an area which is now zoned R3L from Pacific Park to the City Dump area. The change passed last night would rezone the area to Residential multi-family and allow much greater density possibly up to 200 multi-family units There was no public hearing, no input from the Planning Commission nor any opportunity for community comment about these zone changes. The zone changes were just unilaterally passed. Craig is planning to fight these changes and is asking for the support of the members because none of the requirements in place at the City level have been followed by the Council. Further information will be coming regarding a plan for residents to protest these provisions. Additionally these changes were made against the recommendations of the City Planning Staff.

Craig explained that nominations for officers to serve as Co-chair, Secretary, and Treasurer are being accepted. Craig and Dwayne Jantz will serve again if nominated. Terms are for a period of two years with the terms beginning in September. Nominations may be submitted up to that time. The change from past elections is that the vote will be by secret ballot.

It was moved, seconded and passed to send a $200.00 donation to Prince of Peace Church for the use of their facility for meetings. Dwayne will mail the check.

Susan Whaley gave a short presentation about the services offered by Northwest Conflict Management Center. Detailed information may be obtained by calling 456-0103.

Chuck Moser reported on the recent neighborhood cleanup activities. These included litter picking by inmates of Geiger Corrections along the length of Indian Trail, removal of hazardous waste materials from neighborhood residences and the issuance and use of dump passes with a value of $35.00 by 60 households so far. We have $3,000.00 of the grant which can be used in the fall. He reported that everything went well so they (he and Terry Deno) will provide the same service again next year.

Neighborhood Update

Jim Bakke gave an update about what is going on in the neighborhood regarding impact fees and the transportation activities proposed for this summer. He said that not much is happening with regard to either issue. The Barnes Road extension is still awaiting plans from the developer’s engineering staff. Jim’s opinion is that the extension may or may not happen this year. As far as the impact fee ordinance goes, there have been no recent meetings regarding the finalization of the ordinance. He reported that City legal staff is very busy with other issues such as the Walmart and Kendall Yards proposed developments. However the Spokane Regional Transportation Council has been working on a new trip generation software package that will provide much more accurate and detailed information. This should be available within the next few weeks. Jim voiced two concerns; how many lost opportunities have past and that under the transportation impact fee ordinances any money collected must be used to mediate downstream impact but cannot be used to correct existing deficiencies. He is also concerned that all the extra traffic in this area will create what could be called an existing deficiency.

Community Assembly members have been working hard on making the City view the Assembly as more relevant They have gone to a voting model and have changed the requirements for a quorum so that any neighborhood council which does not have an attendee at three consecutive meetings will no longer be considered in the quorum calculations. This change enables the members attending regularly to activate the system and settle something in one meeting. The other thing the Assembly is working on is to have representatives on committees and boards who can provide input to decisions. The objective is to urge the City Council to ask what input has been submitted by the Community Assembly members before decisions are made affecting the neighborhoods. Volunteers may need to be solicited from the neighborhoods to serve on various committees to be certain the neighborhood voice is heard. Jim feels the council members are very receptive to this idea, but we have to provide the input.

Guest Speakers

Craig introduced the speakers which were Chris Marr, (D) and Brad Benson (R) candidates for the State Senate seat from this (6th) District. Each candidate presented their views and answered questions from the audience.

NOPS report by Walt Jones

During the last month there were three vehicle thefts (all of which had keys in the ignition).

There was an incident of loud noises and threats to the neighbors (near the Woodridge School) by a 20 year man who was living with his mother. Police were called and neighbors worked together to solve the problem. Currently the suspect can remain at home until his court date as long as no chronic nuisance nor criminal activity occurs. .

There was an incident reported of an illegal bonfire. Police were called and the matter was handled by them. The suspects ran from the scene leaving their parent’s cars behind. Walt stated that these incidents were both handled in an appropriate manner because neighbors cooperated to deal with them.

The NOPS program has three new volunteers in training at present. More volunteers are always needed for this program.

Treasurer’s Report by Dwayne Jantz

Beginning Balance. May $2,807.44
Receipts $ 69.00
Expenses: $ -0-
Ending Balance May. 2006 $2,876.44

Meeting attendance was 56

The next meeting is scheduled for Sept. 12, 2006.

Respectfully submitted, Jo Shaw, Secretary
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