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Meeting Minutes :
Nov. 14, 2006 Meeting Minute
NITNC – November 14, 2006

Craig Culbertson and John Dietzen welcomed approximately fifty NITNC neighbors.
Eight of that number were new members.
Craig introduced a 2007 NITNC Agenda addressing:

1. IMPROVE FINANCES – non-profit status – tax free contributions; networking with local businesses to host meetings; local classified ads for website (for minimal fee)
And website “Friends List”
2. WIDEN INDIAN TRAIL ROAD (Kathleen to Barnes) – Due to increasing density’s impact on traffic flow. Proposing four-lanes with right-turn turnouts. Need clarification of land required, design, engineering and planning costs - strategize reasonable implementation and acceptance by County/City planners and engineers.
3. Stop further HIGH DENSITY PROJECTS. Use Comp Plan Amendment to rezone RMF to RSF. Monitor proposed projects & rezoning efforts. Mount petition drive to mobilize residents to stop any rezoning to RMF.
4. NIT Neighborhood’s SPECIFIC PLAN – REVISE to gain acceptance of this labor –intensive effort generated by a request from City Planners for input. This project involved many hours and much dedication by Cheryl Fleming and others in an attempt to affect and cooperate with City Planners for our area.
5. EXCELSIOR SCHOOL Property Development – Traffic Bottleneck – Propose a left and right Turn Lane for the 10/11/06 Design Review. Will follow traffic studies to insist on mitigation of traffic impact on North Indian Trail.
6. New development IMPACT FEE ORDINANCE vital to address Traffic flow issues for reasonable and sustainable growth and management of this area’s attributes.
*Need Line Item Agenda stating specific use for this cause (/s/Brad Benson)
*Alternate Barnes Road Route: Funding is 25%County (OK); 25% City(OK) and
50% Developer’s Responsibility (not forthcoming).
*Dept of Transportation working on connection to Waikiki Road
*Down-hill route through Landfill (12 – 13 % Grade is a challenge for this route)
7. VOLUNTEERS are needed for:
“Widen Indian Trail” Team
“High Density Project Accountability” Team
“Website Management” Team
“Business – Residents Liason”

Patty Shadden
NITNC Secretary
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