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Dec. 12, 2006 Meeting Minute
NITNC – December 12, 2006 Council Meeting

John Dietzman welcomed approximately fifty NITNC neighbors.

John reviewed the recent development history of the NIT neighborhood using a map of the area showing new developments that have been started in the past 6 years. In the 2000 Census, there were a little over 2000 living units. When the new developments are completed, over 1100 new units will have been added to our neighborhood plus an additional 400 new units located just outside our boundaries which will have similar impacts. The positive and negative impacts of this 1500 unit growth were reviewed. Spokane’s Engineering Services Department plays an important role in the expansion of the infrastructure that is required by such development and in the design and management of ongoing major capital work on our roadways.

Our main speakers, Tom Arnold, Spokane City Engineer and Director of Engineering Services and one of his key associates, Eldon Brown, Principal Engineer, Developer Services were introduced. They discussed their engineering review and approval role and the Engineering Standards that they require developers to follow in the installation of structures and the infrastructure (water, power, sewer, storm drainage, roads, sidewalks, etc) each developer provides.

They commented on major capital roadway projects that impact NITN including Five Mile Road (Phase 1 funds approved for 2007, construction in 2008-2009), Barnes Road connection to Strong Road. (funds approved by city and county , 25% each, but 50% from developers is still being negotiated), a Transportation Study of the Northwest Area which includes IT Road by the Spokane Regional Transportation Council, SRTC, ($75,000 approved for study in 2008). The STRC Northwest Transportation Study is very good news since it may be our best avenue to obtain funding for widening North Indian Trail Road plus other improvements outside our neighborhood that could improve our commute. A similar study in 1993 led to the 1998 construction of the Kathleen to Ridgecrest section of Indian Trail that we have today.

Tom Arnold clarified that due to grade and other limitations, the lower part of Strong Road, will not be paved by the city. Barnes Road is the chosen route up to Five Mile Prairie. Lower Strong Road will be improved by developers as an access road to new developments as they are constructed.

Patty Shadden, NITNC Secretary, and Craig Culbertson, Co-Chair were absent.

John Dietzman
NITNC Co-Chair
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