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Sep. 11, 2018 @ 7:00 PM at the The Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
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Jan. 9, 2007 Meeting Minute
North Indian Trail Neighborhood
Council Meeting Notes
January 9th – 2007

Craig Culbertson welcomed the 37 people in attendance at this evenings gathering at the Lutheran Church on North Indian Trail.

Jim Bakke reported on the Community Assembly where a change in voting laws for a quicker response to the City Council was approved. The reports back to Neighborhood Services and the neighborhoods on each issue would serve the public interest. Timely reporting and feedback is necessary for effective response to issues.

John Dietzman reviewed information from a 12/15/06 meeting with the City on the initiative to widen Indian Trail Road. He described the process by which such a project could be added to Spokane’s 6 Year Capital Budget. The City could provide about 13% of the funding, and the remaining 87% could be obtained from Federal and State sources. The key to success lies in the Northwest Area Transportation Study that is planned for 2008 by the Spokane Regional Transportation Council (SRTC). This study should provide the justification, design, and cost basis for funding. Our efforts will be focused on showing our interest in having this study completed as soon as possible, providing input to this study, and supporting the funding efforts. Our main challenge will be our justification for need as compared to other projects competing for the same funds.

The traffic impact of the 200-unit Village on Indian Trail PUD was discussed. The traffic consultant has proposed a traffic signal at one entrance, and barriers on the centerline of Indian Trail Road at the other entrance and Woodside Ave. to prevent left turns from and to Indian Trail at these points. However, the projected level of traffic may not warrant a signal. The membership expressed (1) very strong support for a traffic light, (2) strong support for a center left turn lane, both as an alternate to the light, and as an additional benefit even if the light is installed, (3) strong support for the left turn barriers, (4) strong support for a right turn turnout.

Discussion of the Barnes Road project revealed a lack of “signed agreement” between the City and the County regarding this area. The City has a right to expand and the County prefers to keep its legal rights to any land it now governs. The main battles involve funding of projects and matching funds which may be available.

Jim Bakke noted the Federal Government no longer provides “block grants” for advanced planning. This lack of prior knowledge of funding creates a two-year ordeal which increases costs by 20 to 30%. The “Impact Ordinance” (formerly known as the impact fee) is due for implementation by July of 2007. More information on this should be forthcoming.

Reports Submitted by: Walt Jones, Neighborhood Security Issues; Chuck Moser and Terry Deno, Neighborhood Clean-up & Dump Passes; Dwayne Jantz, NITNC Treasurer

The new Chief of Police, Anne Kirkpatrick will be the featured speaker at our May Meeting. Thanks to all for your attendance and lively discussion for our NITNC community. Our next meeting is on the 13th of February – Bring a friend and know your neighborhood better – impacting it’s future.
Respectfully Submitted – Patty Shadden – NITNC Secretary
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