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Meeting Minutes :
Mar. 18, 2003 Meeting Minute
North Indian Trail Neighborhood Council
Meeting Minutes for
March 18th, 2003

Welcome and Introductions, by Glenn Hall

Glenn Hall (GH) welcomed everyone to the meeting and announced some last minute changes to the meeting agenda. GH announced that the Neighborhood Council is planning on organizing a neighborhood yard sale again this year, and that we are looking for volunteers for the planning committee to help with the organization. Interested people should contact Scott Barrick at 468-1850. GH also reported that Bill Mote was sick and would not be able to give his update on the housing development going up on Wieber Drive. GH gave a brief summary about the project in place of Mr. Mote’s report. Lastly, GH gave an update on the streetlight the Neighborhood Council has requested to be put up at the corner of Bedford and Indian Trail. Currently, the light is funded to be put up along with the road being finished. The Neighborhood Council has asked for funding to be dedicated to just putting up the light.

GH also reminded everyone that the next meeting would take place on April 8th, 2003 at 7pm at the Prince of Peace Church.

Treasurer’s Report, by Scott Barrick

For March 18th 2003 our beginning balance was $1220.03, income of $29 was collected from the last meeting. Expenses were $171.03 for the promotion flyers, meeting refreshments, and supplies. Our ending balance was $1078.00.

Beginning Balance: $ 1220.03
Income: $ 29.00
Expenses: $ (171.03)
Ending Balance $ 1078.00

Scott Barrick extended the Executive Committee’s thanks to PostNet (located at the Indian Trail Shopping Center) for giving the Neighborhood Council a price break on the flyers.

Neighborhood Cleanup Report, by Chuck Moser

Chuck Moser (CM) reported that he applied for $40 dump passes on behalf of the Neighborhood Council to pass out beginning with the April 8th Meeting. The dump passes will be good from April 19th thru May 4th.

CM also reported that our Neighborhood did not use all of its allotted money last year, which is good because if we go over our allotted amount it comes out of the Neighborhood Council’s budget. CM plans on offering dump passes thru the end of June, with possible a curbside pick-up planned for late July or early August.

CM also reported that your first 100 pounds of green material is always free and each additional pound costs 1 cent. Also, you can drop-off any hazardous waste material for free anytime.

Guest Speaker for RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program), by CW

CW is the project coordinator for the RSVP program and wanted to inform people of the upcoming Spring House Greening day on April 19th. RSVP is helping to sponsor a Household Hazardous Waste Pick-Up for Seniors & Physically Challenged Citizens on Saturday April 19th, 2003, which is also Earth Day. To arrange for a free pickup, call the Household Hazardous Waste Hotline at 532-7645 and have your waste on your porch by 8am the morning of the pickup.

CW also played a video about the program and what RSVP does. CW also mentioned they are looking for volunteers who are 18 and older to help collect household hazardous waste for our seniors and physically challenged citizens. Interested parties can call 344-7787 ext. 162.

Update on the Concurrency Ordinance, by Kathy Miotke

Kathy Miotke (KM) is the chair of the 5-Mile Prairie Neighborhood Council and gave an update on three different topics that effect development in the surrounding areas.

KM talked about the Storm Water Control Ordinance that should be in place by March 31st. The City of Spokane is developing their own Ordinance instead of using the existing one that Spokane County has. The new Ordinance would include Geotech studies that will determine which areas are allowed to have basements to prevent flooding from storm water drain-off.

KM also talked about the Voluntary Impact Fee that developers have to pay for new developments. These fees are to be used for improvements in the infrastructure where the new development is occurring. KM reported that about $9000 dollars has been collected since 1994, which is less than what should have been collected. The City has not given a good answer as to why more money has not been collected and her Neighborhood Council is looking into this more. Also, the City cannot show where all the money has been spent which is also in violation of the Impact Fee. Some of the money collected for the Indian Trail area paid for the Indian Trail/Francis interchange. KM has been working with Ed Lewis to try and get more information out of the City regarding this Fee.

Lastly, KM talked about the Concurrency Ordinance or lack of one with the City. Concurrency Management is used for smart growth by allowing development to go forward by ensuring public facilities and services do not decrease below locally established minimum standards when new development occurs. Concurrency usually requires services to be in place before development occurs or that the development is fully funded so that the proper amount of services can be added during the development. This is usually included with a city’s 6-year plan. The City of Spokane does not have a Concurrency Ordinance in place, because they did not realize law required it. KM is part of lawsuit filed on February 3rd against the City for failure to adopt a Concurrency Ordinance. KM reported that the Mayor has created a Task Force to look into adopting one, which can take 2 years to get into place.

Executive Committee Report, by Ed Lewis

Ed Lewis (EL) gave a report of some of the action items the Executive Committee has been working on since the last meeting.

EL informed everyone about the approval of the Bonneville Power Lines project that will replace the existing 115kV power lines, near our northern neighborhood boundary, with 500kV lines. The existing wood poles and towers will be replaced with taller lattice steel towers. The work is scheduled to be completed by November 2004, and we were told no work would occur between 10pm and 7am. Also, they will be trying to keep equipment as far away from homes as possible.

EL discussed a boundary change request for the existing Neighborhood Councils. If approved by the City Council our Neighborhood would gain some additional territory. The new territory would extend our southern boundary to the just north of the old land fill and extend east across Indian Trail Rd. to the bottom of 5-mile cliff. EL asked for a vote on whether to approve or reject the extending of our boundaries by consensus. The measure was approved unanimously.

EL talked about an ordinance that would declare certain areas around the 5-mile cliff a High Risk Drainage Area. Lastly, EL talked about a proposed Pot Hole Bill and the Street Utility District.

Application for Zone Change Re: Z2002-77-LU, By Cliff Cameron

Cliff Cameron (CC) spoke on behalf of Harlen Douglass about the proposed zoning change concerning 7.8 acres of land south of Strong Rd./Pacific Park and west of Indian Trail Rd. The zoning change would allow for commercial development on the 7.8 acres to help service existing and new single and multi-family homes in the area. The current undeveloped land surrounding the 7.8 acres can hold between 550-1190 additional homes. The current proposal is asking for the zoning change so that a neighborhood center can be built on the 7.8 acres of land. The zoning change would also change the City’s Comprehensive Plan, which currently does not allow for neighborhood shopping centers to be built within 1 mile of each other. If approved this change could allow for additional commercial development in the area if other zoning request are approved.

Todd Whipple (TW), who works for CLC Associates discussed what impact the new neighborhood center would have on traffic flow for Indian Trail. TW reported that studies showed the commercial project would not create any additional traffic flow on Indian Trail Rd. because of the lost of potential housing in the area.

CC talked about the possible growth in the area (which could be between 12,000-15,000), which is why Mr. Douglass feels more commercial development is required in our neighborhood. CC also mentioned that the proposed zoning change is more of a Comprehensive Plan change request, as there is no specific development plan for the 7.8 acres. CC than took questions from the audience.

Neighborhood Feedback/Questions, By Glenn Hall

Glenn Hall (GH) took questions and comments from the crowd and invited people to stay if they had any questions for Cliff Cameron and Todd Whipple. GH reminded people to check out our website for more information concerning the proposed zoning change and Comprehensive Plan changes. Also, GH encouraged people to write their comments concerning the proposed zoning change to:

Planning Services Department
Attn. Steve Franks, City Planner
808 West Spokane Falls Boulevard
Spokane, WA 99201-3333

Or by calling 625-6185 before April 30th, 2003.

Meeting attendance was 263 people.

Next meeting is scheduled for April 8th, 2003.
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