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Sep. 11, 2018 @ 7:00 PM at the The Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
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Feb. 14, 2007 Meeting Minute
North Indian Trail Neighborhood
Council Meeting Notes
February 14th 2007

Craig Culbertson welcomed all in attendance. Before this evenings meeting many gathered downstairs for a Public hearing regarding the new Valerie Street PUD proposed by Harlan Douglas’ representative.

Craig introduced our featured speaker for the evening:

GREG HECHT: Director of the Office of Neighborhood Services. Greg works with John Pilcher who is also the active Deputy Mayor of Spokane. Their office is located on the 6th Floor of City Hall and at The ONS addresses land use and zoning issues as well as abandoned vehicle and vacant building/ refuse issues. Code Enforcement was discussed and information about filing for help can be accessed on their website as stated above. Archives (ONS-Office of Neighborhood Services) meeting notes, technology support, meeting coordination; technology grants, mediation/conflict resolution; liason with City Council/staff and communication, marketing, publishing information are also provided here. Social Events sponsored by the ONS include the Hillyard Skate Park (self policed); Cleaning from the Core (downtown upkeep); Community Assembly; Town Hall Meetings; Traffic Safety and Traffic Awareness Week; Neighborhood Cleanup are a few he mentioned. Consult the website for further information about this vital organization which serves our community well.

Jim Bakke: spoke of Community Assembly and the City Councils assignment of Marla to manage Neighborhood Councils concerns. The impact fees are considered essential by all. Representation of Greenstone Properties at the community assembly spoke in favor or pursuing impact fees as beneficial to parties on both sides of development – those occupying developments gain a more accessible work environment if traffic/congestion concerns are pre-empted and developers can plan for and sell these features in their projects. A baseline traffic study is also needed for consistent application by developers and city and county personnel.

A report was submitted by Chuck Moser and Terry Deno regarding the Neighborhood Clean-up & Dump Passes (which will be available at the April NITNC Meeting).

Thanks to all for your attendance and lively discussion for our NITNC community.
Next Meeting of NITNC is 13th of March –
Suggestions for topics and featured speakers are always welcome.
Bring a friend and know your neighborhood better – impacting it’s future.
Respectfully Submitted – Patty Shadden – NITNC Secretary
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