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May. 13, 2007 Meeting Minute
NITNC Meeting Notes
May 13, 2007

There were about 50 in attendance as Craig Culbertson welcomed North Indian Trail residents and guests to our May meeting.

Our featured speaker was a Ann Kirkpatrick, Chief of Police for the City of Spokane. She briefly reviewed her 25 year police career which included assignments in Memphis, Tenn, and Redman Washington, plus time as a Police Academy Trainer and College professor. She described her management style as “Tough on crime, self-motivated to maintain strong discipline within the force, rather than waiting for citizen watchdog groups to tell her what to do”. She presented crime statistics for Spokane and trends for different types of crime between 2005 and 2006. She has 287 officers total and about 22 on shift in the field at any one time. This is about 1.3 officers per 1000 residents, and compares to 2.0 in Seattle and 2.8 in Memphis. NITN has one of the lowest crime rates of all neighborhoods in the City.

Chuck Moser reported on the successful Dump Pass program last month..

Jim Bakke gave updates on activities of the Community Assembly, the Land Use Committee, and progress on development of the Transportation Impact Fee Ordinance.

Walt Jones submitted the crime report.

Dwayne Jantz submitted the financials for our NITNC council.

John Dietzman presented an update on NITN Traffic, Development, and Planning. The report, attached below ,was distributed.

Respectfully submitted
Patty Shadden

N. Indian Trail Traffic, Development, and Planning Update
from John Dietzman, 5/8/07

Widen Indian Trail Road:
The Northwest Spokane Transportation Study, which will hopefully provide the justification for widening Indian Trail Road and lead to funding for this project, is expected to receive final approval at the 5/10/07 Board Meeting of the Spokane Regional Transportation Council (SRTC). Our team will begin meeting in September 2007 to develop scope recommendations, and SRTC staff will kick off work about 1/1/08. Our team will provide commuter data and other input as the study progresses.

Connect Barnes Road to Strong Road:
Efforts are still under way to reach agreement for the joint funding of this project by the developers, City, and County. In the mean time, Strong Road pavement is being extended down a short distance from the top of 5 Mile Prairie by the developer of the “Westwinds” development. This will require Strong Road to be closed from Rustle Road up on the Prairie down to the water tank from 5/7/07 until 6/15/07.

Westwinds Development:
This 35 single-family development is at the top of Strong Road. The site preparation is well along. Two new streets will extend south from Strong Road, and there will be three rows of houses. Row 1 is on flat ground on the east side of the upper street, and row 2 is across the street with the front portion on flat ground and a moderate slope in the back. Below that is a steeply sloped open space, then the lower street, then the 3rd row of houses. This row is entirely on steeply sloped land. The contractor assured me that the extensive fill would be properly compacted to required engineering standards to prevent slippage. Two drainage collection systems will extend the length of the development, which are designed to route all drainage into a number of dry wells and prevent run-off to land below the development.

Village on Indian Trail Development (on the Excelsior Youth Center Property):
This 199 unit development proposed by Thomas Masters will hopefully not go forward. His contract to buy the land ran out some time ago and was not renewed by Excelsior. The permit application expires on 6/8/07 and it is unlikely that the traffic and other outstanding issues will be resolved prior to this deadline. Excelsior has submitted this land to the “Conservation Futures” program for consideration. This is a County program which purchases land for parks and trails. We will be supporting this effort.

Rocky Ridge Development:
This 42 single-family unit development, on 5 Mile Prairie just above the Excelsior property, is going forward. Site preparation has been initiated. Access is only from Lincoln Road, so this development should not impact traffic on Indian Trail Road.

Indian Trail Neighborhood Center Plan:
We will be working over the summer to complete a Center Plan for the area around the Sundance Center. The primary issues to be addressed are (1) land use and zoning for the few remaining open plots, including the Douglas property, (2) widening of Indian Trail Road, and (3) connection of Barnes Road to Strong Road and Nine Mile Road. City Council approval is targeted for 10/26/07. Contact me if you would like to be part of the Stakeholder Team. It will involve 4 or 5 working meetings in July through September.

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