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Sep. 11, 2018 @ 7:00 PM at the The Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
Meeting Minutes :
Sep. 11, 2007 Meeting Minute
September 11, 2007

Craig Culbertson: welcomed the 51 in attendance. Craig introduced our featured presenters:

John Dietzman and Marla French; NITNC Center plan open house info;
Dennis Bergstrom from Library Programs in our city and neighborhood;
Jonathan Mallahan from Neighborhood Services – City of Spokane;
Jim Bakke - Impact Fee and Neighborhood Planning from the Community Assembly;
Chuck Moser with Neighborhood Clean-up and Dump passes;
Walt Jones with Neighbors on Patrol update;
Dwayne Jantz with the Treasurer’s report and Yard Sales figures

Also in attendance were candidates for City Council: Steve Corker and Lewis Griffin. They will be among
Candidates featured at our upcoming October 11th (This is a THURSDAY) 2007 NITNC gathering.

John Dietzman: reviewed the Zoning and planning agendas. Our City Council has provided Marla to assist us in holding the City accountable to the plans and the process to detect inconsistencies in zoning and land use and to establish what developments we can expect in the future. Density in our area is an ongoing concern with the initiation of more high-density housing slated for our already congested traffic and services area.

Dennis Bergstrom: presented the expanded services featuring audio, DVD’s and online access to auto, health, heritage and genealogy links along with Senior and Child Care outreach information. An information track to access magazine articles is now available online. There are three meeting rooms available to our area residents.

Jim Bakke: spoke of the need for congruent Traffic Baseline Studies Data to enable City efforts to enforce land use and zoning regulations. Jason Deaton of Greenstone Development has been instrumental in promoting these studies for a consistent application of land use and zoning overviews for city planners and all contractors . City Council appointed a Neighborhood Action Planning Committee to set priorities in spending planning dollars. By October 15th they hope to establish individual neighborhoods’ commitment for:
1. Neighborhood does have a need for monies to plan
2. Neighborhood has no need of monies for planning
3. Neighborhood needs more information before making a commitment to planning dollars.
The assessment of the need for these planning dollars distinguishes between planning, code enforcement, police protection issues or Projects. Enforcement issues are important at this stage of development.

Walt Jones: presented his Cops NW information sheet on crime and mischief in our area which has increased
And spoke of the shortage in personnel to patrol our ever expanding neighborhood. Volunteers are needed.

Dwayne Jantz: Presented the Treasurer’s Report and confirmed the earnings and expenditures. DUMP PASSES will be available at our next NITNC meeting on October 11th (Thursday) to those in attendance.

Teri Deno: reviewed the success of an Annual neighborhood concert at Audubon Park. Discussion ensued as a possibility of a similar event for our neighborhood to raise funds and awareness on the NIT. Ideas ?
Volunteers needed for this to become a reality. Call today to express interest or share ideas in this area.

John Mallahan: attended the Baton Rouge planning convention in Louisiana. The NSUA (Neighborhood USA) conference will be held here in Spokane May 20 – 23 , 2009 and will showcase 27 neighborhoods. Their site is for further information. Hand outs are available from John at the Office of Neighborhoods Services ( or Spokane Convention and Visitors Bureau at Join our NITNC as a leader, an interested resident or provider of ideas.

Respectfully Submitted - Patty Shadden, Secretary

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