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Meeting Minutes :
Apr. 08, 2003 Meeting Minute
North Indian Trail Neighborhood Council
Meeting Minutes for
April 8th, 2003

Welcome and Introductions, by Glenn Hall

Glenn Hall (GH) welcomed everyone to the meeting. GH announced that Ed Lewis has resigned his position of Co-Chair for personal reasons and would no longer be involved in the Neighborhood. GH discussed the response to the Executive Committee’s request that a blue post office box be placed at the Sundance Shopping Center. GH said that we would need to submit a petition requesting a blue box be placed in the center that would show the need for one.

GH asked for a vote from the attending members on whether we should gather signatures for a petition requesting a postal box be placed at the Sundance Shopping Center. The request was approved unanimously.

GH also talked about the large attendance at the last meeting and how it was achieved through active participation from members of the neighborhood. He discussed the need for good communication within the neighborhood and how it is related to the amount of volunteers that work with the Neighborhood Council. He reminded people if we do not get volunteers to help with the various activities of the committee, a lot of important work will not be accomplished.

Lastly, GH reminded everyone that the next meeting would take place on May 13th, 2003 at 7pm at the Prince of Peace Church.

Treasurer’s Report, by Scott Barrick

For April 8th 2003 our beginning balance was $1078.00, income of $41 was collected from the last meeting. Expenses were $50.84 for parking, meeting refreshments, and supplies. Our ending balance was $1068.16.

Beginning Balance: $ 1078.00
Income: $ 41.00
Expenses: $ (50.84)
Ending Balance $ 1068.16

Neighborhood Yard Sale, by Scott Barrick

Scott Barrick (SB) talked about the upcoming neighborhood wide yard sale which is scheduled for Saturday June 7th, 2003. The yard sale will be held from 8am to 4pm, however, it is not a requirement that you stay open until 4pm or that you quit at 4pm. SB mentioned that the registrations forms will be available at the next Neighborhood Council meeting and will be included in the upcoming Newsletter which you should receive around the first week in May. All registration forms have to be postmarked by May 19th, in order for your address to be included on the flyer. All yard sales will be held at people’s own houses. Lastly, SB asked for volunteers to help with the organization of the yard sale. Some volunteers are needed for placing the ads in the local papers, calling charities to arrange for pick-up of unsold items, putting up signs, handing out maps, and delivering the yard sale packets to participants. Anyone interested in volunteering should contact Scott Barrick at 468-1850 or emailing

Neighborhood Cleanup Report, by Chuck Moser

Chuck Moser (CM) discussed the usage of the $35 dump passes that were available at the meeting. The dump passes will be good from April 19th thru May 4th and are only good at the Waste to Energy Plant.

CM mentioned that senior citizens or the disabled can have someone come and collect their hazardous waste for free by calling 532-7645.

CM also reported that your first 100 pounds of green material is always free and each additional pound costs 2.5 cents. Also, you can drop-off any hazardous waste material for free anytime.

Application for Zone Change Re: Z2002-77-LU, By Steve Porter

Steve Porter (SP) introduced himself to the attendees and discussed why he is heading up a committee to oppose the proposed zoning change. SP discussed some of the details of the proposal and how they would affect the entire city of Spokane. Some of the items he addressed included the deletion of minimum distances between shopping centers, the use of historical arterials for commercial development, and the expanding of existing commercially zoned boundaries. SP also mentioned that Cliff Cameron does not believe Mr. Douglass has to pay any of the Impact Fees that are required by the City. SP also discussed his research concerning the traffic studies talked about during the last meeting and how traffic would be affected if this development is built.

SP talked about a planned petition drive for gathering signatures in our neighborhood of people who oppose the zoning change. The petition drive is scheduled for Saturday April 12th at 9am. Anyone interested in helping out can call Steve at 468-0995 or just show up at Woodridge Elementary School at 9am. SP is only asking for as little as 1 hour of your time to prevent this 2nd shopping center from being built. SP also reminded people to pick-up some copies of example letters that can be signed and sent to the Planning department that oppose this zone change. These letters will be made available on the NITNC website as well. All letters and comments are due in to the Planning department by April 30th, 2003. Lastly, SP mentioned that only people who write in letters will be able to comment on or appeal any decision made by the City Council concerning this zone change.

Glenn Hall than opened the floor to anyone who wants to speak in favor of the zoning change. There were no volunteers. Glenn also mentioned that an example letter for the zoning change would also be made available on the NITNC website.

Community Assembly Report, by Cheryl Fleming

Cheryl Fleming (CF) reminded everyone of the upcoming Traffic Awareness Week (April 13th to the 20th), and talked about the different ways neighbors can show their support.

CF discussed the Community Assembly’s opposition to the proposed zoning change in our area and some of the City’s departments take on the proposal. CF mentioned that the proposal was recommended to be denied in the early screening process, but that the City Council approved the proposal onto the next stage. CF mentioned that all 25 Neighborhood Councils are against the proposal, but we should not rely on them to write in letters and we should send in as many letters as we can. CF mentioned that there are a total of 7 proposals currently being reviewed by the Planning Department, including the one in our neighborhood.

CF discussed the City’s stance on legal representation for any of the Neighborhood Councils if they are sued, and that since they are not employees of the City they would not be helped in case of any lawsuits against them. CF said the Community Assembly is looking into obtaining 501.3c status for the Neighborhood Councils which requires a $35 registration fee.

CF asked for a vote to approve the $35 registration fee, so that the NITNC could obtain the 501.3c designation. The registration fee was unanimously approved.

Teenage Representation on the Executive Committee, By Glenn Hall

Glenn Hall (GH) discussed the request for some teenage representation on the Neighborhood Council and the Executive Committee. GH mentioned that the City is encouraging the participation of some teenage representation. GH discussed how he felt it was a good idea and how it could help the kids in our neighborhood.

GH asked for a vote to see if the membership wanted to pursue this idea. The group unanimously voted to proceed with the idea.

GH than asked for volunteers to sit on a committee that will develop a selection criteria for a teenage representative and to vote on the potential candidates. Anyone interested in serving on this committee can contact Glenn at 466-9537.

Neighborhood Feedback/Questions, By Glenn Hall

Glenn Hall (GH) took questions and comments from the crowd and invited people to stay if they had any questions for any of our presenters tonight. GH reminded people to check out our website for more information concerning the proposed zoning change and Comprehensive Plan changes. Also, GH encouraged people to write their comments concerning the proposed zoning change to:

Planning Services Department
Attn. Steve Franks, City Planner
808 West Spokane Falls Boulevard
Spokane, WA 99201-3333

Or by calling 625-6185 before April 30th, 2003.

Meeting attendance was 74 people.

Next meeting is scheduled for May 13th, 2003.
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