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Mar. 11, 2008 Meeting Minute
Mar 11, 2008

John Dietzman opened the meeting with a status report on the City’s Pool Replacement and Splash Pad Project, procedures for walking or biking through the Windhaven development streets (no houses yet), and the June 7, 2008 Yard Sale plans.

Lt. Craig Meidl, Spokane Police Department, gave a presentation on the “Spokane Neighborhood Policing Program” which will be implemented later this year. The city will be divided into 4 Precincts. We will be part of the Northwest Precinct which will include everything north and east of the Spokane River to Division and the northern City limits. It will be comprised of 3 COPS Shops and 8 Neighborhood Councils. Teams of officers will be assigned to this precinct and will spend all of their time within this precinct. This will give us more officer-hour coverage in our neighborhood with officers who are more familiar with our neighborhood.

John Dietzman presented a form for a “New Business Development Survey for Future Services and Jobs in North Indian Trail” and asked for input from those present as to what type of businesses and jobs they would like to see and whether they would prefer new development to be apartments or jobs and services. The form is attached below.

The reports from Committee members were submitted.

Respectfully Submitted, John Dietzman

New Business Development Survey
Future Services and Jobs in North Indian Trail


1. What new commercial and retail services do we need in N Indian Trail?

2. What additional job opportunities do we need in N Indian Trail?

3. Would you eventually rather have more apartments or jobs and services?

NAME_______________________ PHONE____________

N Indian Trail has undeveloped land zoned for commercial or retail businesses or apartments. Even though many residents would like to slow this development, eventually it will take place. We can improve the chances of getting the services and jobs from this development that we need and want by letting our voices be heard now, before all the decisions are made and contracts signed. Plus, all the business developers we have contacted seem eager to have our early input.

Within Sundance Plaza there are four vacant building sites. Adjacent to the Plaza there are three undeveloped properties: Barnes & IT adjoining Selkirk Lodge, on wooded parcel on IT between Barnes and Shawnee, and the area adjoining the Library and Indian Trail Church. There is an undeveloped property at Blackfoot and Indian Trail that is zoned for a mini-center.

IDEAS FOR NEW DEVELOPMENT include, but are not limited to:
1. Businesses: Day Care Center (with before & after school care), Retirement Community (independent or assisted living), Skilled Nursing Facility, more Medical Offices (doctor, dentist, physical therapy, laboratory), Ice Cream Parlor, Full Service Bank (with safe deposit boxes), Hardware Store (small Ace type), Home Center (Lowe’s type), Department Store (broad service like Target), Family Restaurant (Applebee’s type), Restaurant (upper-end American, Oriental, Italian, or Mexican), Martial Arts Training, Hobby Store, Electronic Game Exchange, Tax Preparation and Accounting Office, Lawyer, Insurance, Travel, High Tech Offices (Engineering, computer programming, technical service), Convenience Store (at Bedford and IT).

2. New Jobs: All the jobs specific to the above new services, plus types of jobs (part time, full time, partially from home, shift work), age appropriate jobs (high school/college, long term career, seniors).

3. Apartments vs. Businesses: In most cases, the developer has the option of building apartments as well as other types of businesses. More apartments will increase rush hour traffic problems on Indian Trail/Francis as more people drive to and from work. More businesses will reduce rush hour traffic by providing more jobs within the neighborhood. Workers from outside would have a counter commute.

WHAT WE ALREADY HAVE as of March 2008

Retail: Albertson’s (including Save-On Pharmacy & US Bank, gas station, car wash, and convenience store), Rite-Aid Pharmacy, Dollar Days Plus, State Liquor Store, UPS Store (plus US Mail Box outside), Blockbuster Video, Starbucks.

Food Service: Shan’s Grill sports bar & dinner restaurant, Taco Del Mar, Subway, Bennidito’s Pizza, McDonalds

Health/Appearance: Island Sun Tanning Salon, IT Fitness Center, Kim’s Nails, Great Clips hair,

Financial/Investments: Spokane Teacher’s Credit Union, Edward Jones Investment/Financial Advisors, US Bank (inside Alberstons), Washington Trust Bank ATM, Luxcel Realty, First Pacific Properties (mainly commercial)

Medical: IT Family Medical (Dr. Sohn) & Urgent Care Clinic, Dr. Hakes (Dentist), St. Luke’s Physical Therapy, IT Animal Clinic

Vacant: 3 storefront suites in Sundance Plaza

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