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Next Council Meeting:
Sep. 11, 2018 @ 7:00 PM at the The Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
Meeting Minutes :
Apr. 8, 2008 Meeting Minute

Craig Culbertson: welcomed the 49 people in attendance.

NITNC leaders are taking nominations for roles in this council for the coming years and are open to suggestions for the leadership of our neighborhood council. Contact the officers with suggestions and nominations.

The Annual NITNC yard sale was discussed. June 14th was approved as the date. It should be noted that pick up of left over items must be prearranged. Other details will be posted at

Jim Bakke lead discussion regarding the Neighborhood Plan. Documents regarding the Specific Plan History as submitted by Sandy Johnson are available upon request. Also available is a North Indian Trail New Business Needs Survey as submitted by John Dietzman. Patty Shadden – the NITNC Secretary at her posted e-mail address can mail you a copy of these if you wish. Jim Bakke asked our NITNC assembly this evening for a vote of acceptance of our Specific Plan. First and second moves were voiced and a unanimous approval by show of hands.

Transportation Impact Fees were also discussed. On April 9th public testimony will be taken and forwarded to the City Council. Stay tuned for progress on this issue. More information will be available at the next NITNC meeting which will be on March 11, 2008. Mary Verner MAY be a speaker at this meeting.

Community Assembly hosted a discussion regarding the STA – Sunset Clause – (limits funding for public transportation to a certain time frame). Long-range fiscal planning is ineffective without long-range funding. Funding for public transportation was limited greatly when Washington voters limited the fees our state could charge for the purchase of Vehicle tabs. That vote created a shortage of long-range funding of public transportation. Also discussed at the Community Assembly were locations for the city’s new swimming pool. Comstock area is a possible site – with an agreement to keep the design similar to other structures in that area.

Chuck Moser and Teri Deno with Neighborhood Clean-up and Dump passes were in attendance to hand out dump passes for free disposal of yard waste and hazardous materials (batteries/oil, fluorescent light bulbs, etc.) from residential sites. These passes may be acquired by contacting them at their respective e-mail addresses.

Walt Jones –( COPS Northwest Volunteer) gave an update stating that there were 2 malicious mischief incidents and one assault during the past month. There are also reports of unauthorized motorcycle riding in the area south of Pacific Park Drive and several riders have been stopped and talked to by patrol officers. The partying /four wheeling on the east end of Barnes Road has started and police want 911 reports when they occur and will respond when crimes against persons allow.

Dwayne Jantz gave the Treasurer’s report and encouraged participation in the Yard Sale as that is the major fund raiser for our NITNC.

THANKS to the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church for the use of their facility to host our monthly meetings.
Also – THANK YOU to Cameron from STCU for providing coffee and refreshments for these meetings.

Respectfully Submitted - Patty Shadden, Secretary

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