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Next Council Meeting:
Sep. 11, 2018 @ 7:00 PM at the The Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
Meeting Minutes :
May. 13, 2008 Meeting Minute
North Indian trail Neighborhood Council Meeting Minutes
May 13th, 2008

Welcome, Introductions and Awards
o Craig welcomed everyone (58 attended plus Mayor Mary, Craig and John – total 61)
o Craig gave out two awards for neighborhood service to John Dietzman and Jim Bakke
o Craig introduced Mayor Mary Verner as the guest speaker

Yard Sale on June 14th
o There will be pre-registration to the 80+ that did the yard sale last year with a discount
o Mailing registration will go out to all households
o Indian Trail Church is participating in the sale and there will be kid activities

State of the City from Mayor Mary Verner
o Looking into adding police
o Replacing some fire trucks
 855 of calls are for medical assistance not fire
o Court system revision
 Currently not compliant
• Task force created to come up with best plan
• Want to make booking more efficient and get people in front of judges faster
o Juvenile Youth Program
 After school
 Services
 More safe places (City Hall and Fire Stations are currently)
o Traffic
 Heading south construction
• Accelerating the projects because of costs going up to finish earlier
o Transportation Infrastructure

 How are we going to pay for it?
• Looking into maybe proposing a tax on service parking lots
• Taking suggestions
o Economic

 Wanting to make the University District a success
o Budget
 Not looking so good but Spokane is okay, nothing to worry about yet
 There is reserve money which has been built up so when the economy is bad
o Press
 Mayor is open and meets with press always
 If something is not working instead of making exceptions she will look into changing the rule
o Questions
 Lack of roads in and out of Indian Trail
• She is aware of the issue
o Contact Mayor at

New Business Development Survey, John Dietzman
o Development will occur
 Prefer businesses over apartments
• Surveys showed that a hardware store and a family restaurant is what people in the area would like

Community Assembly Update, Jim Bakke
o The last meeting minutes it stated a vote of acceptance was voted on and approved. It should have stated that the council voted on being part of a $550,00 distribution equally distributed. It was approved.
o Impact fees for capacity improvements for added increase area
 All to pay due to increased development
• Should existing residents have to pay

Neighborhood Clean-Up, Chuck Moser
o 61 dump passes issued at the meeting and 30+ from his home
o 84 dump passes were used equaling $2400
o 100 dump passes will be handed out in the fall
o Will try to get passes to go through Sunday

Treasure’s Report, Dwayne Jantz
o Balance is $4192.02

Neighbors on Patrol Update, Walt Jones
o 2 garage burglaries
o 2 residential burglaries
o 2 malicious mischief
o 10 vehicle prowling (all on 2 nights)
o Watch your open garages

New Development Activity, John Dietzman
o Duplexes to be built
 Meeting on Thursday May 15th with Harlan at Prince of Peace
o Ponderosa Ridge Town Homes
o Pool at Shadle Park or Loma Vista Park
o Five Splash Pools to be put in Spokane
 Pacific Park could be a consideration
• Council voted and approved added Pacific Park to the list of consideration for a splash pool

Closing Comments, John and Craig
o Website having problems
 Looking for someone to help
o There will be a June meeting
o Special thanks to Mayor Mary Verner and Steve for attending the meeting
o Thanks to all who attended

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