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Sep. 11, 2018 @ 7:00 PM at the The Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
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Jun. 10, 2008 Meeting Minute
June 10, 2008

Craig Culbertson welcomed neighbors to this last meeting of the NITNC before the summer break. Craig reviewed the plans for the upcoming NITN Yard Sale scheduled for Saturday 6-14-09.

Little League Ballpark: Daniel Peck, President of the Board, Spokane North Little League Baseball, and George Kinney, District Administrator, District 13 Little League Baseball, made a presentation about the project they were working on to install a baseball complex on the greenbelt area inside the fence line of the City’s North Spokane Landfill. The land that they hoped to lease from the city had never been used as a dump site. All access to the site is to be from North Indian Trail Road. After much discussion and review, the Council engaged in a consensus vote to determine overall support for the venture and the vote was unanimous in support.

Hunt Point Update: Craig Culbertson reported on the Public Meeting held 5-15-08. Notes on that meeting (attached below) were distributed.

Ponderosa Ridge Townhomes: Craig Culbertson reported that next Wednesday evening the Design Review Committee will review the proposed Ponderosa Ridge Townhomes PUD and Ponderosa Ridge 1st Addition Townhomes PUD. This is an upscale 23 unit Townhome addition at the bend in Barnes Road and Sundance Drive. The meeting is open to the public and there will be an opportunity for you, if you are interested, to comment on the design aspects of the project. The meeting will be held in Conference Room 2B, 2nd Floor City Hall, at 5:30pm, Wednesday, June 11, 2008."

Neighborhood Clean-up: Chuck Moser reported that Dump Passes will be available at the 10-14-08 NITNC meeting.

The following reports were given: Community Assembly Update by Jim Bakke, Neighbors On Patrol Update by Walt Jones, and Treasurer’s Report by Dwayne Jantz.

The Next NITNC Meeting date is 9-9-08.

Respectfully Submitted – John Dietzman

Hunt’s Pointe Proposed Plat Update

Forty people attended a Community Pre-application Meeting on 5-15-08 for a proposed Preliminary Plat for Hunt’s Pointe. This is a proposed development of 259 single-family homes on 53 acres west of Indian Trail Road bounded by the City Dump site and the Pacific Park development. The meeting was led by Todd Whipple of Whipple Consulting Engineers, who represents the owner, Harlan D. Douglass, Inc. The NITNC had submitted a number of questions and requests prior to the meeting to Mr. Whipple, and he used this list as the agenda for the meeting.

The key items that came out in this meeting, plus subsequent discussions with Whipple Consulting and Ray Wright, City Traffic Engineer are:

1. The development will not be a PUD and will have 60 foot wide lots at a density of about 5 units/acre (including roadways). A single row of duplexes with their back yards along the Indian Trail frontage may be substituted for single-family homes (the property’s zoning allows this).
2. The recommendations from a 6/27/07 Traffic Impact Analysis (for a larger proposed project which included development of 318 homes on the property west of Indian Trail plus 527 apartments on the Douglass property east of Indian Trail) have been accepted by the owner. To mitigate the traffic impact, the owner will donate the land, engineering, material and labor needed to add a southbound traffic lane and a 6 foot wide bicycle lane west of the existing southbound lane of Indian Trail Road along the property’s 0.3 mile frontage. Also, the owner will install a traffic signal at the one of the two access roads off Indian Trail (the first one after Pacific Park Drive) when a signal is “warranted” by the legally required actual traffic load. This will likely be at some future time when the apartments on owner’s property east of Indian Trail are developed. The owner will also dedicate a right of way along that property’s frontage for an additional northbound lane east of the existing Indian Trail northbound lane. These donations are offered in place of transportation impact fees, and their value would probably far exceed the likely impact fees that would otherwise be accessed.
3. The new southbound lane would cover the existing right-turn-pockets at the two access points on Indian Trail, and these pockets will not be replaced in the current mitigation plan.
4. The reason given for proceeding with the Plat Application at this time (during a housing slump) is to get ready for an anticipated upswing in the housing market in 2009 or 2010. The proposed Preliminary Plat drawing is being revised to show the southbound lane and bicycle lane addition and the Plat application will probably be submitted no later than September 2008. The target for issuance of building permits would be summer 2009.
5. Mr. Whipple said they had no interest in donating a strip of land along the dump fence line for a portion of a proposed trail that would connect the proposed 5 Mile Prairie Loop Trail to the Centennial Trail.

Submitted: 6-10-08 by John Dietzman

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