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Sep. 11, 2018 @ 7:00 PM at the The Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
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Oct. 14, 2008 Meeting Minute
October 14, 2008

John Dietzman's opening remarks welcomed all in attendance and expressed appreciations for Craig Culbertson's past service to NITNC. Craig is taking a sabbatical from NITNC activities, so we need a new Co-chair. Craig will be the Yard Sale Chairperson for 2009, but we will need a replacement for 2010. Please submit nominations or volunteer for these and other duties by e-mailing John Dietzman at the NITNC website. There were thirty seven people in attendance.

Frank Scalese spoke of a new model for the Spokane Police Departments Neighborhood Resource Offices. On November 16th, Spokane's police efforts will provide four Precincts, serviced by teams of eight officers. This new model should produce a neighborhood team of residents and officers in each area who can more effectively monitor and support safety in each quadrant of our fine city of Spokane.

John Dietzman described a potential new business development between the Library and The Indian Trail Church with access from Barnes Road. It proposes a 92-Bed Elder Care facility and a Daycare Center. Concerns about traffic are being addressed, and John has submitted a request for dedication of a right-of-way for an additional lane for Indian Trail Road along the property’s frontage. The planner handling the application is in agreement with this.

Discussion ensued addressing the wooded area adjacent to Indian Trail between Shawnee and Barnes Road. This area is popular as a bike riding and walking area for children and adults. More recently, it has attracted some illegal and unsightly activities that threaten safety and security for surrounding residents. A proposal was offered to "clean up the area" as a group to reclaim it for more wholesome activities. On Thursday, October 16th a discussion will address this issue at 2pm at the Indian Trail Church. Randy Manion and Steve Corker shared their thoughts and requested cooperation by local residents for this clean up project.

Jim Bakke spoke of the need for Impact Fees for off site traffic capacity improvements made necessary by Developers in our neighborhood. He states that State law allows a city to assess reasonable fees for new development. The pros and cons were discussed and the issue continues to be debated.

Discussion ensued of the Recreational Vehicle and Utility Trailer Parking issue which imposes a 20-foot buffer between an RV and the Street and restricts parking in front of houses. This is a "complaint driven" issue for the Code Enforcement Department. A proposed change would be that there must be a safety hazard or violation to be enforceable.

Teri Deno announced that Dump Passes are still usable until the end of October of 2008.

Dwayne Jantz provided a Treasurers Report showing a balance of $4,769.02.

Walt Jones reports there were three residential burglaries; 2 malicious mischief incidents and eight vehicle prowlings in our area. "Lock Your Car, close your garage doors and be aware of your surroundings." Volunteers are needed with the COPS here at Indian Trail. Help us out if you can.

Respectfully submitted by
Patty Shadden - NITNC Secretary

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