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Meeting Minutes :
May. 13, 2003 Meeting Minute
North Indian Trail Neighborhood Council
Meeting Minutes for
May 13th, 2003

Welcome and Introductions, by Glenn Hall

Glenn Hall (GH) welcomed everyone to the meeting. GH announced that Alan Bain has joined the Executive Committee as your Neighborhood Council Co-Chair. The current Executive Council would like to extend their welcome to Alan and are excited to work with him. GH also announced that Cheryl Fleming was not in attendance tonight as she is visiting her grandchild that just arrived a few days ago.

Lastly, GH reminded everyone that the next meeting would take place on June 10th, 2003 at 7pm at the Prince of Peace Church.

Treasurer’s Report, by Scott Barrick

For May 13th 2003 our beginning balance was $1068.16, income of $39 was collected from the last meeting. Expenses were $44.91 for meeting refreshments, and copies. Our ending balance was $1062.25.

Beginning Balance: $ 1068.16
Income: $ 39.00
Expenses: $ (44.91)
Ending Balance $ 1062.25

N.W. Cop Shop, by Buster and Officer Douglas

Buster is one of the volunteers who helps run Cops Northwest, which is located in the Shadle Shopping Center. Cops Northwest is the closest Cop Shop to our Neighborhood and is our local Cop Shop. Cops Northwest is open Monday thru Friday from 9am-5pm. Buster mentioned that Cops Northwest is always looking for volunteers to help in the Cop Shop, as the more volunteers they have the safer our committee can become. The Cop Shops are what the Spokane Police Officers use to find out what is going on in our Neighborhood and where they should concentrate their resources on. Buster mentioned the lack of Block Watches we have in our Neighborhood, and mentioned how easy they are to set-up and what a good crime deterrent they are. Buster also mentioned that Cops Northwest will begin sending out newsletters this year, and mentioned that people can sign-up for the newsletter by sending an email to Buster than took questions from the audience.

Officer Douglas introduced himself to the audience and gave a back ground on his service in the police department. Officer Douglas is our Neighborhood Resource Officer for the Northwest area of Spokane. His office is located at Cops Northwest in the Shadle Shopping Center. Officer Douglas promises if you call him, he will call you back if you leave him a message. Officer Douglas talked about police calls are handled and how most service calls require two officers for safety reasons. Officer Douglas mentioned that there are 10 police officers assigned to cover north Spokane, which is includes all area within the city limits north of the Spokane River. Lastly, Officer Douglas gave a list of the top 10 service calls for our neighborhood from January to the present. The top 5 service calls are:

Medical Response – 181
Residential Alarms – 82 (34 were actual burglaries)
Runaways – 75
Reckless Driving – 54
Theft - 46

Neighborhood Cleanup Report, by Chuck Moser

Chuck Moser (CM) reported that 65 of the 125 issued dump passes were used by residents in the area. Those 65 dump passes totaled 14 tons of garbage with an average of 435 pounds per load. CM reported that we have used $1235 out of our possible $5000 allotment.

CM talked about having a curbside pick-up later in the year (possible August or September) to use up the remainder of our allotment.

Application for Zone Change Re: Z2002-77-LU, By Steve Porter

Steve Porter (SP) reported on the petition drive for gathering signatures in our neighborhood of people who oppose the zoning change. The petition drive netted over 650 signatures opposing the zoning change. SP also reported that the Planning Department received over 100 letters opposing the zoning change. SP mentioned that when he delivered the signatures to the Planning Department he also delivered a copy of the petition to each member of the City Council.

SP reported that on May 19th the Planning Commission is going to give a report to the City Council recommending the application be rejected due to the merits of the submitted proposal. The Planning Commission feels the application is not complete, poorly written for the changes it is trying to implement, and fails to access the impact the changes would have on the whole city. This report will not include committee feedback, as that is scheduled for a later date.

Storm Water Ordinance Update, by Kathy Miotke

Kathy Miotke (KM) gave an update on the Storm Water Ordinance for the 5-Mile area, which includes 86 homes located in our neighborhood boundaries. KM reported the ordinance was on its way of being passed, until the local engineering committee and area homebuilders hired lobbyists to get the City Council to deny the ordinance. They felt there is not a drainage problem in the area, and didn’t want to give up land that could otherwise be used for development. Therefore, a 4th Task Force has been formed to look at the ordinance again. One bit of good news is that existing homes in the effected area would not have a High Drainage Risk added to their titles; it would only be put on new homes. KM mentioned that people should send their comments to Tom Arnold (Director of Engineering), as he wants to hear from people affected by the run-off. KM mentioned that they hope to have the ordinance ready for approval by the end of May.
Neighborhood Yard Sale, by Scott Barrick

Scott Barrick (SB) talked about the upcoming neighborhood wide yard sale which is scheduled for Saturday June 7th, 2003. The yard sale will be held from 8am to 4pm, however, it is not a requirement that you stay open until 4pm or that you quit at 4pm. SB mentioned that the registrations forms were included in the Newsletter which you should have receive at the end of April. It was a light green colored mailing. SB also mentioned the registration form will be posted on the website, along with the rest of the newsletter. All registration forms have to be postmarked by May 19th, in order for your address to be included on the flyer. All yard sales will be held at people’s own houses. So far we have had 41 people register for the yard sale, which is slightly behind last years rate. SB encourages the audience to promote the yard sale to their neighbors.

Lastly, SB asked for volunteers to help with the organization of the yard sale. Some volunteers are needed for placing the ads in the local papers, calling charities to arrange for pick-up of unsold items, putting up signs, handing out maps, and delivering the yard sale packets to participants. Anyone interested in volunteering should contact Scott Barrick at 468-1850 or emailing

Neighborhood Feedback/Questions, By Glenn Hall

Glenn Hall (GH) gave some updates on the following topics:

- Potholes and the City’s plan for filling them.
- Teenage representation on the council, due to lack of interest we will be looking at it again in the Fall.
- STA wanting feedback from the committee on how to improve their service.
- The need for volunteers to help with the Neighborhood Council.
- Canyon Heights development near Wieber Drive.

Meeting attendance was 48 people.

Next meeting is scheduled for June 10th, 2003.
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