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Dec. 9, 2008 Meeting Minute
North Indian Trail Neighborhood Council Meeting of December 9, 2008

John Dietzman: Welcomed 28 neighbors to this meeting.

"Envision Spokane": Charter Amendments were circulated to those in attendance by Kai Hiske, and Shallen Dawson. They are available at Not much discussion from audience. They were presented as eleven proposed rights outlined by a conglomerate of organizations here in Spokane attempting to set up their passage as part our Spokane City Charter. Issues concerning the environment, healthcare, local economy, neighborhoods, growth related infrastructure (or impact fees), workers rights to a living wage, and prevailing wage on construction projects. Unionization (card check) rights and apprenticeship rights are addressed as well as an enforcement clause. Check them out for yourself and read up on these issues as they are central to the direction of our community and our country.

Lloyd Brewer of the Mayor's office presented Climate Protection graphs and charts demonstrating goals for our city's environmental and energy plans. Contact for more information.

Jim Bakke - reported on the Community Assembly meeting. Awards and recognitions were dispensed at the potluck meeting. The graffiti ordinance will be addressed at an upcoming City Council meeting. As it now stands, the city cleans up graffiti if a business fails to address a problem on their property. Then the City charges the business. This is causing problems. Neighborhood planning issues as well as RV and Utility Parking Ordinances and Impact Fees are upcoming issues to be addressed by the City council. The Impact Fees proposal passed and may go into effect in two years; pending attainment of funding for the City's portion of these fees. This may present itself as an issue for vote for funding. The current proposal is to assess each vehicle a $20 fee to cover this expense. ANOTHER TAX in these hard times.

Chuck Moser reported the Dump Pass program was successful again, although totals for October were fewer than the previous year when they were issued in September. Teri Deno will be assuming leadership in this program for the coming year, and said we will return to a September distribution of passes.

Walt Jone’s report on crime issues in NITN in November included: Assault (1), Vehicle Prowling (14), Vehicle Theft (1), Residential Burglary (1), Garage Burglary (1), Suspicious Person (1), and Suspicious Circumstances(1). Call your local realtor or contractor is you notice open garage doors on new construction or at open houses to report to them.

Steve Corker reported that the City of Spokane has a balanced budget for 2008 and is working on plans for 2009.

Joe Shogun reported that the City has a $5 M Rainy Day Fund and has maintained a 2% growth budget. The Spokane Regional Transportation district is experiencing expanded demand on their services. The Five-Mile road is stalled pending the acquisition of right of ways for five (5) more lots. The money is ready - the permission is missing. Brief comments about a Utility Study to incorporate Rate Stabilization; hiring of 6 police officer and three firefighters and what is to become of the YMCA property were made by Joe Shogun and reference City Council meetings for more detail.

Respectfully Submitted
Patty Shadden, Secretary

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