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Sep. 11, 2018 @ 7:00 PM at the The Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
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Jan. 13, 2009 Meeting Minute
NITNC Meeting of January 13, 2009
Executive Committee met before tonight’s meeting and unanimously approved Ed Musser as Co-Chair of NITN Council to fill out the rest of Craig Culbertson’s term through May 2009.
John Dietzman welcomed 39 neighbors in attendance and gave special notice to our 3rd District City Council representative Steve Corker and Stacey Titchenal, Assistant Manager from STCU. City Council President, Joe Shogun, joined us later in the meeting and explained the importance of passing the upcoming Public Safety Proposition #1.
Service Awards: Presented by Jonathan Mallahan, Director of Neighborhood Services and Code Compliance, to Craig Culbertson and Chuck Moser. Craig Culbertson Co-Chaired the NITNC for the past three years. Craig continues to be a dedicated neighbor and involved member. Thanks Craig ! Chuck Moser was honored for over a decade of commitment as our Neighborhood Clean-up Coordinator. One hundred tons of trash have been removed from our neighborhood on Chuck’s watch and through the efforts of our neighbors. Thank you for past service Chuck! Teri Deno has assisted with this effort for a number of years and he will assume the Clean-up Coordinator role.
Neighborhood Services Update: Jonathan Mallahan: Our motto is: You don’t need to move to live in a beautiful neighborhood. Get in touch at and Spokane will host “Neighborhoods USA” conference May 20th thru 23rd. A Healthy Communities Conference featuring a 5K Walk and nutrition programs and bike friendly plans will be topics of this gathering. A Community Resource & Partnership gathering will be hosted in Hillyard by Dave Griswold and their neighborhood advocates. A Mayor’s reception will feature several Youth Artists and youth entertainers. Code Enforcement issues are complaint driven. Snow issues were discussed in relation to code enforcement. Fire Hydrant locations are available at
Community Assembly Update: Jim Bakke reports 2 orientation meetings were held for the 6 neighborhoods in round one and staff has met with each neighborhood to determine planning directions and staff support needs. Planning has also issued an RFP/RFQ seeking private consultants to be available for neighborhoods wishing to utilize them. Planning has 1.5 staff available.
Neighborhood Patrol: Walt Jones reports 2 malicious mischief and one vehicle prowling since last meeting. Neighborhood Observation Patrols (NOP) were suspended during the heavy snows. Patrols have resumed. The National Guard helped with snow removal from County buildings and school roof tops. NOP recommendations to NOT advertise new purchases by planting empty boxes in view for “shopping burglars” seems to have been heeded. Great !
Treasurers Report: Dwayne Jantz reports a balance of $4872.00 in our account. The US Census Bureau is seeking qualified people to help with the 2010 Census.
Our next NITNC meeting takes place on February 10th at 7 pm at Prince of Peace Church.
Respectfully Submitted: Patty Shadden

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