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Sep. 11, 2018 @ 7:00 PM at the The Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
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Feb. 10, 2009 Meeting Minute
NITNC Meeting of February 10, 2009

John Dietzman welcomed all attendance and thanked our community leaders for attention and attendance at our gatherings. Thank you to Colleen Miller for providing coffee & valentines refreshments for tonight’s meeting.
U S CENSUS: Carol Peterson presented information about the 23rd US Census now underway. The first census was taken in 1790 with 17 marshalls and 650 field assistants. There were 3.9 million Americans at that point. This year’s census will require approximately three million census takers with 9,000 from our state of Washington. Flexible hours and $11 per hour with mileage are being offered for anyone passing the basic skills test and with the appropriate language skills and abilities. Check out the census website and/or google “practice tests” to obtain more details on this employment opportunity. Also needed is commercial space (donated) for training and testing those aspiring to these positions.
School Bond and Levy 2009: Dr. Nancy Stoll, Superintendant of Spokane Schools, presented facts and information about the upcoming school bond and levy to be voted upon on March 10th. 40,480 votes are required for quorum to pass the bond and levy for 2009. For more information consult Mark Anderson, Associate Superintendant spoke of the stewardship and local resources engaged with construction and programs implemented by past levy and bond passages. Deana Bower, volunteer from Citizens for Spokane Schools spoke on behalf of parents and students regarding the importance of these issues.
Neighborhood Services: Teri Deno spoke of an upcoming meeting to discuss and award dump pass funding. He and Chuck will attend this meeting next week. Details to follow next month.
Community Assembly Update: Jim Bakke reported the Shoreline Master program was submitted to Department of Ecology for review and adoption. Public comment and hearing process is expected this Spring. City Council overrode the Mayor’s veto of the Latah Creek Buffers Map. Contact person is Jo Anne Wright 625-6017. Sign Code forwarded to City Council to be heard on February 16th. Ken Pelton 625-6063 is contact person. Master Bike Plan is being addressed at a Feb 11 meeting and Neighborhood Planning has had 2 orientation meetings for the 6 areas which has a plan. Contact person is Jo Anne Wrights 625-6017. RV/Utility Trailer Parking draft ordinance with proposed language changes will be packed with other items-requiring “all-weather” driveways with curb cuts. Charter Review work continues with draft changes published in the Spokesman Review in February 10 issue. Neighborhoods USA Conference Planning is complete for tours, conferences and other activities. Consult or 625-6733 for registration information.
Neighborhood Patrol: Ed Musser reported for Walt Jones the one residential burglary; one suspicious person; one suspicious vehicle and two malicious mischief incidents to the COPs patrol in our area.
Treasurers Report: Ed Musser reported a balance of $4881.42 for NITNC.
Our next NITNC meeting takes place on March 10th at 7 pm.
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