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Sep. 11, 2018 @ 7:00 PM at the The Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
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Jun. 9, 2009 Meeting Minute
NITNC Minutes
June 9, 2009

Meeting was called to order by John Dietzman at 7PM. Denise Smart from SIT/Balboa Neighborhood gave a quick update about the Little League Park and stated that there will be a meeting June 30, 2009 at Woodridge School starting at 6PM. See attached handout concerning the issue.

6th District Legislative Representative Kevin Parker stated that the legislative session is over with the $9 Billion budget gap being the big issue. Rep Parker stayed around for further questions.

There are six candidates for council district position No 2 for City of Spokane

Name Phone e-mail website.

Nancy McLaughlin 509-326-8230
Karen Kearney 509-328-4303
John Waite 509-475-8383
Barbara Lampert 509-328-7728
Victor Noder 509-217-3390
Christopher Stevens 509-218-0904

Ed Musser introduced the candidates present, and each stated their qualifications and platform. The following questions were asked of the candidates.
1. Do you support impact fees?
2. Your most important talent vs the other candidates.
3. Your vision of Spokane regarding environmental and underprivelidged issues?

Barbara Lampert and Christopher Stevens were not present. All candidates said please call them on the issues that concern you. Visit the websites for more information.

Indian Trail clean up was a success 11 tons of trash was collect with 57 passes used by the neighborhood.

The Yard sale will be 06/20/2009. Over 60 sites have already signed up.

The meeting ended at 8:10 PM.

Curt Fackler, Secretary

Petition Against the building of the North Spokane Little League Complex on the proposed Northside Landfill, City Green Belt along Indian Trail

Topic of Interest for Indian Trail Neighborhood Areas:

1) During the summer 2008, a representative from the Spokane North Little League came around the Excell and Tiffany Ave areas, and possibly more, and informed residents various versions:
a. That the City of Spokane was considering leasing or selling the land for apartment complex development. The land borders the houses on the right side of Excell and Tiffany Ave. A petition was passed to support a Little League field as an alternative.
b. The story was changed for several other residents: that the Little League was submitting a proposal to build a large complex along the green belt between Excell and Albertsons on the left side of Indian Trail.
2) A Request for Proposal was published by the City of Spokane on February 13, 2009 for development proposals for the green belt known as the Northside Landfill. This area is the “treed” area that follows along Sutherlin, Excell and Tiffany. The City was to consider the purchase agreements by April 6, 2009.
3) On May 21, 2009, a neighborhood meeting was held. Only 5 people attended. At that time, the Little League passed out their “Field of Dreams” documents with a map, and a full description of the 12 field complex. This complex will start at Indian Trail about 2/10 of mile past Sutherlin and Excell and continue down Sutherlin, Excell and Tiffany Ave 9/10 mile where it will fall just short of joining the end of Tiffany Ave. There will be bright lights and speaker systems with games running from March through October.
4) The residents bordering Tiffany Ave who purchased homes within the past 4 years were informed by the city, and various other persons associated with the property that the land in question would not be developed for another 80 years as part of a 100 year Superfund site. A request for a golf course was not approved 10 years ago because water run off would contaminate the land below which affects the Spokane River aquifer.
5) The City was contacted May 29 and 30th. Jonathan Malahan from the Office of Neighborhood Services is the facilitator for the community meeting for this proposal. When residents contacted him and asked why the Joe Albi area which is currently being developed could not be used, Mr. Malahan stated that the area did not meet Little League specifications. As such, the city made an informal agreement with the little League to find an alternate green belt site. Hence, this proposal for the Indian Trail little league field.
6) When the EPA (Ellie Hale: 206.553.1215) was contacted, this resident inquired about water run off and contamination from watering a baseball field. She noted that perhaps she needed to re-visit the proposal as the city had not presented this information in the same manner last year. The implications are that this deal was struck last year and this Spring and Summer’s processes are just a formality. Miss Hale also stated that as long as water run off did not exceed normal rain and snow levels there would not be a problem. Since all of the trees and vegetation would be cut down (per the drawing presented), there would be no natural vegetation to absorb normal snow and rain, and watering fields would hence be considered an increase in water run off levels (This is my impression).
7) With all vegetation cut down, the dust and dirt from the landfill will have no buffer or resistance.
8) On June 9th just hours before the North Indian Trail Community meeting, this writer spoke with Nancy McLaughlin about this topic. The details of the Joe Albi complex were thoroughly discussed as to why the Little League could not use the complex. The Little League’s proposal must be self-contained, and self-maintained. There are also many technical, legal, environmental issues that must be addressed as well. A traffic mitigation study must be conducted and numerous EPA/ ground water containment issues must be investigated. Nancy was not aware of the “Request for Proposal” that was released in February, so the city must not have made a final determination in April as per the details in RFP Number: 3531-09 Property for lease and development-Northside Landfill open area document.

1) Noise and visual pollution within 15-30 feet of approximately 47 directly impacted homes, and dozens more 1,2 and 3 streets over.
2) Dust/dirt increased over “normal” levels when trees are cut down and the wind from the west blows the landfill dirt towards the very same homes.
3) Water run off and contamination of the aquifer when trees and vegetation are removed, grass for the fields are watered, and water leaches down the hill to the Superfund site and the aquifer which subsequently leaches into the Spokane River.
4) Diminished property values which equates to diminished revenues for the city when no one will want to live next to the fields, and homes cannot be sold if residents wish to move.
5) Increased traffic along Indian Trail that with the building of the Apartment complex on the other side of Albertson’s traffic has increased tremendously during peak times, making exiting all roads intersection Indian Trail a traffic hazard.

The City certainly has numerous “green belts” that can be considered besides this area that is heavily populated. Suggestion is made to consider the area further down Indian Trail, as it is more flat, less populated and more than one entrance and exit can be developed.

Residents along Tiffany Ave, Excell, and Sutherlin are going door-to-door to canvas the entire neighborhood. A petition which is not in support of this proposal is being distributed for signatures, and residents are being encouraged to attend the June 30th meeting. The media has been requested to investigate further and develop a public awareness feature story.

Next meeting:
June 30, 2009, 6-8PM: Woodridge Elementary School off Shawnee, just past Albertsons.

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