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Sep. 11, 2018 @ 7:00 PM at the The Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
Meeting Minutes :
Oct. 13, 2009 Meeting Minute
Ed Musser called the meeting to order at 7PM.

Jim Wiebers made a motion that we purchase two signs for $150. These signs will have interchangeable letters and numbers so we can better announce our monthly meetings and special events like neighbor clean ups and the yearly garage sale. The motion passed.

Jim also introduced some scout members from Woodridge school that clean up the dirt bike area as a community service project.

Three municipal Judge candidates for the city of Spokane spoke about their experience and why they wanted to be elected. This is a new court system that was set up in January to handle the city of Spokane. This is the first election for these positions. Mary Logan is running unopposed. Tracy Stabb is the sitting judge being challenged by Bryan Whitaker. To learn more about the candidates go to their websites. Tracy Stabb Bryan Whitaker

Spokane Fire department showed a short video explaining the Fire Bond Ballot Issue on the Nov Ballot. It is a $33 million bond issue. The cost is approximately $.27 per $1,000 of assessed value. That is about $.10 per $1,000 more than the current bond that is expiring. Here is the breakdown of the dollars. Apparatus $10.8 Million ; Facilities $10.4 Million; Protective Equipment $2.08 Million; Misc equipment $6.1 Million ;$3.25 Million for taxes ,reserving and issuing cost. More information can be found at

Greg Brown from Spokane school district gave a presentation concerning baseball and softball practice fields for North Central high school. These fields are being proposed for the land next to Pacific Park behind the Church. This land is owned by the school district. These will be practice fields and no lights. The cost will be approx $600,000. This practice field will be for students many who now live in the neighborhood. The players will be bused to the site and many can walk home after practice so traffic should not be a large issue. No decision has been made and the district will come back when more details are available.

Jim Bakke made a recommendation that we use our Community development funds to partly fund city engineering to do a study and plan for widening Indian Trail from Kathleen to Barnes. The motion was made and it passed 31 yes 2 no.

Dump passes were handed out and can be used Oct 17 thu Oct 31,2009.

Walt Jones gave the NOPS update. He said they have found cars being warmed up running and no one in them. That is against the law and more than likely your insurance will not cover if someone steals your car. He also said watch out for Trick or Treat and wear bright colors.

Treasurer reported we have $5,736.00. Meeting Adjourn 8:40PM.
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