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Nov. 10, 2009 Meeting Minute
North Indian Trail Neighborhood Council Minutes of the November 10, 2009 Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM at the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church by Co-Chairman John Dietzman.

John introduced Laura Lesser who is the manager of the Spokane Teachers Credit Union (STCU) branch on North Indian Trail. The STCU has provided the refreshments for our meetings for a number of years. Laura spoke briefly about the credit union and the fact that the credit union membership was open to all Spokane residents.

John noted that Nancy McLaughlin was re-elected to the City Council and that the Fire Bond issue was falling short of the necessary 60% voter approval with about 2,000 votes yet to be counted. John reported that the Sundance extension between Shawnee and Barnes was completed and open to traffic. He also reminded everyone that a blood drive would be completed at Albertsons on Friday from 1:00 to 3:00 PM. There is always a need for blood so John encouraged those who could to give blood. Finally, he confirmed that the next meeting of the NITNC would be on Dec. 8, 2009.

The next item on the agenda was a follow-up presentation by the Capital Projects team from District 81 working on the development of athletic fields on school land adjacent to Prince of Peace Lutheran Church and Pacific Park. The presentation was led by Greg Forysth with assistance from, Steven Gering, Principal at Northcentral HS and the Project Architect, Rick Berg from INTEGRUS Architecture. Greg gave an overview of the project that will consist of a baseball field and a softball field with dual use as a soccer field. The fields would primarily be used for training and practice by high school students from Northcentral. Greg gave these additional key points: there would be no load speakers or field lighting and thus no night play, the fields would be available for community use when not in use by the school, the fields would normally not be used by varsity teams, there would be some low profile seating next to the fields, and the site will require some leveling. Greg said the goal would be make the fields attractive and blend into the neighboring city park. Discussion followed on the planned use of porta potties (they will be used but will be screened to the extent possible), trails around the perimeter (the school district would support), and parking and loading zone for buses.

After the discussion was completed, John took a poll of those in attendance of their support for this project. The vote was 26 in favor and none opposed.

Jim Bakke then gave a Community Assembly update. Jim reported that the NITNC petition to use our neighborhood planning funds for preliminary design work on North Indian Trail was submitted and was being processed. Other items in his report from the Community Assembly included the discussion on dump passes and the fact that this program was being re-evaluated and that the passes may be re-allocated between the neighborhoods based on usage and demand. Jim also commented on the discussions about mental health and a 211 call line. Jim reported that the 5-Mile neighborhood plan was close to being finished and that the Community Assembly retreat would be held this year on Saturday Nov. 21st at the West Central Community Center. Lunch will be pot luck and everyone was welcome to attend.

Terry Deno, the Neighborhood Cleanup Coordinator, then gave a report on the neighborhood cleanup and dump passes issued. Terry reported that 54 dump passes have been issued thus far this year. This was about the same as last year.

Walt Jones, the NOP Representative, gave a Neighborhood Observation Patrol Update. Walt noted that neighborhood crime statistics were no longer available, but that residents could go to to view maps and reports of crimes in their neighborhood. They just had to enter their street address and distance parameter to get maps and reports of crimes in the search area. Walt said neighbor patrols are continuing and reminded everyone to lock their car doors and to close their garage doors. Walt noted that many thefts occur because people leave their garage door open or do not lock their vehicle. Walt noted that Cops NW has been in service for 15 years.

At the start of Waltís report, the veterans in attendance were acknowledged.

Dwayne Jantz, NITNC Treasurer, then gave a Treasurerís report. He reported that $26 in donations was received in the last month and that $128 was paid out for new general purpose signs. The balance in the account was $5,789.07

In regard to the new NITNC signs, Jim Wiebers gave a report on the new signs and their cost. Jimís faithful labor of managing the signs for many years was acknowledged by the membership.

The meeting concluded with an update from Denise Smart on the effort to find fields for youth baseball. Denise said that representative from NITNC and Balboa/SITNC and youth baseball have met with the Parks Board to discuss using Franklin Park for youth baseball and about developing Meadow Glen Park for baseball fields. She also reported that the County offered vacant land next to the recycling center north of town for the development of baseball fields. Denise said another meeting with the City was scheduled for November 11th at City Hall to continue discussions about a home for youth baseball.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:00 PM.

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