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Sep. 11, 2018 @ 7:00 PM at the The Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
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May. 11, 2010 Meeting Minute
NITNC Meeting Notes for May 11, 2010

John Dietzman, Co-Chairman welcomed thirty people to tonight’s meeting.
Paul Taylor, the Resource Officer for the NIT area, and Steve Corker were guests in attendance.

Walt Jones Neighborhood Patrol Report: Check with BBB (Better Business Bureau) before employing anyone for in-home repairs. . Check their credentials as these services are a prime entry mode for criminal invasion opportunists.

1. Rock Pile at NE corner of Ridge and Skyline now has a locked gate and no trespass sign. This makes it easier for patrolling officers to make arrests.
2. Crime Ck has video of responsible parties for STCU and other heists. Identify if you can those individuals involved. Suspected to be local inhabitants.
3. Paul Taylor is Neighborhood resource officer and is consulting with Walt and business owners to get License Plate #s and restrict motorized Vehicles in the New Water Tower Area.

Joe Shogun commented that the City Council is working on Preliminary Budget early because of the impending shortfall.

John Dietzman: The April Spring Clean Up went well, with groups and individuals assuming responsibility for areas that needed attention.

Ray Wright, Sr Traffic Engineer, spoke concerning the Baseline Traffic Study and new software which allows evaluation of intersection traffic flows. This can identify deficiencies, justify needs, test added traffic impact/capacity and support impact fees/ signage optimization and capital facility plan prioritization. Ray collected $43 K from developers to continue assessment work on Barnes Road. Status of various projects are available online.

Jim Bakke: reported from Community Assembly: 1. Neighborhood Clean up Program review meeting 6/2/at the NE Community Ctr at 6 pm. Are we interested in using some dump passes for “tough” code cases? 2. Use of Red Light Camera funds for traffic calming. Anticipated $50,000 per council district for 2010. Written proposals due 6/11, limited to specific types of projects (likely used for speed indicator signs.). . A motion was set and seconded; then it passed by a voice vote “ to request this speed indicator resource for use by Balboa/SITNC and NITNC”. 3. Ken Burns, the Police omsbudsman, presented info from his 2009 report. Should he have investigative powers? This would be a good tool in crime prevention/detection.

Dwayne Jantz: gave the Treasurers Report and anticipated expenses and income associated with NITNC yard sale which is scheduled for the 19th of June 2010. Registration is due by the 5th of June to facilitate and be included in advertising of and signage designating participation.

Teri Deno and Mel Neil reported there were 62 dump passes distributed this year.

Respectfully Submitted by Patty Shadden (Secretary – temp)
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