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Sep. 11, 2018 @ 7:00 PM at the The Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
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Jan. 12, 2010 Meeting Minute
Minutes North Indian Trail Neighborhood Council
January 12, 2010

Meeting called to order by Ed Musser at 7:00 PM
City council updates were given by Nancy McGlaughlin and Steve Corker. The discussion centered on the balancing of the current budget deficit of $7.5 million. This was accomplished by a combination of employee concessions, spending cuts and using the emergency funds. The 2011 budget is expected to be $10-11 million in the red to provide the same level of services. The next year issues will include the need for a new Jail. The lower cost design is horizontal but it takes a larger parcel of land. The fire bond issues may be brought back to the voters. There needs to be a solution for animal control. Spokanimal is changing its mission. The library is having record usage due to the economy. Funding currently is secure for the parks and library system. The city pool construction was within budget. Legislatively the council is trying to work with the state and federal government concerning mandates. These mandates are adding millions to the waste and storm water management.
District 81 is moving forward with the new practice fields next to Pacific Park. Still discussing how much parking is needed and whether it should be lighted.
Terry Deno gave update on fall neighborhood cleanup. 7.77 tons of waste was dropped off at the site. The neighborhood did not use the whole allotment and we will have another period in the spring.
Walt Jones of the NOPS said people are still leaving cars run unattended on the streets. There also is an issue of speeding on Indian Trails and homes with Garage doors left open.
There has been a change in organization in youth baseball in north Spokane. Both Babe Ruth Baseball and Little League North Spokane are signing up players. No plans for using the landfill for baseball fields , but other options are still being considered.
Meeting closing at 8:20

Curt Fackler

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