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Mar. 9, 2010 Meeting Minute
North Indian Trail Neighborhood Council Minutes

March 9, 2010

Ed Moser opened meeting at 7PM with introductions.

Karen Kearney discussed the future of the Northside Landfill. There is a reported $14 million in a dedicated fund for the potential future use of the landfill. Karen is going to check with the city and waste management to verify how much money is in the fund and how can these funds be used. She will report back at a later date.

Chief Williams explained the upcoming EMS Levy on the April ballot.
It needs 60% to pass plus at least 22,225 people need to vote.
The cost is 50 cents per $1,000 of assessed value same as current levy.
It pays for 54 FTE of the fire department but Appox 80 will be laid off if it does not pass.
84% of calls to fire dept are now EMS calls. There are close to 20,000 medical calls a year
The city has 65 paramedics and 211 EMTs.
95% of US cities use Fire Department as emergency medical response.

Jim Bakke gave a Community Assembly update he said they current are working on a City Charter review. They also are going to hold an event to notify Google that Spokane would like to be a selected city to receive very hi speed internet connections from Google.

Terry Deno said dump passes will be handed out next meeting (April 13, 2010). A sign up sheet was passed around for volunteers for neighborhood cleanup.

Walt Jones reported that open garage doors are still an issue.

Meeting ended at 8:15PM

Curtis Fackler

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