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Sep. 14, 2010 Meeting Minute
NITNC Meeting

September 14, 2010

John Dietzman Co-Chairman with Ed Musser of Neighborhood Council welcomed forty eight people and a quorum was established.

Mary Verner, the Mayor of Spokane, spoke with her budgeting staff of Gavin Coulee, Spokane’s Chief Financial Officer; Tim Donavin, Spokane’s Budget Director and Ted Danek, Spokane’s City Manager. They were in attendance to address recessional funding. The City of Spokane total budget is $604. Million with $161.00 million for the General Fund. The General Fund pays for basic services like police, fire, parks , streets and libraries. For every $1000 you pay in property taxes, the City gets $336 and only $211.34 makes it to the General Fund for things like police, fire and streets. More information on these figures are available at under the Finance/Budget tab. Steve Corker voiced possible revenue sources as a $20 parking fee for downtown monthly parking; taxation of surface parking lots; traffic impact fee from commercial developers; street utility taxes and tab fee license increases. Cop Shops are non profit and citizens are invited to donate their time to keep these open and functional. If the unions (S.E.I.U., Local 270, Prosecutors, Library, Police Guild and Safeco Local 29 , IE) are ok with freeze of their salaries and benefits; that would provide a $3.2 million savings for the city.

Jim Bakke reported from Community Assembly that budgeting issues are most serious in 27 years. Public input about this can be submitted to

Terry Deno reported availability of “Clean Up” Free Dump Passes at our October 12th meeting. These will effective beginning on October 16th through the 31st of October.

Duane Jantz reported the Financial standing of NITNC after expenses.

Dave Tutt of the local Albertson’s store is sponsoring “Rebuilding Together Spokane” a clean up volunteer day on October 2nd from 8 to 3 pm to help clean up their grounds. Phone and e-mail to be announced.

Steve Corker and Nancy McGlaughlin, our District 3 Representatives, City Council. Tim Burns Gavin Coolee, Johnathan Malahan and Tim Donovan were among those in attendance at this Sept 14th NITNC meeting.

Respectfully Submitted

Patty Shadden
Secretary pro tem
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