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Sep. 11, 2018 @ 7:00 PM at the The Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
Meeting Minutes :
Apr. 12, 2011 Meeting Minute
North Indian Trail Neighborhood Council
April 12, 2011

Meeting was called to order by Ed Musser at 7PM.

Steve Trabun and Nancy Holmes from Avista gave a presentation concerning conservation. Steve explained how rates were set and said expect increases due to the need for alternative power sources. ( Wind). There are credits available for energy savings. The Avista website dedicated to energy savings is A short question and answered followed.

Ed Musser led a discussion concerning the Mini Center land use issue on corner of Blackfoot and Indian. A motion was made by Herbert Posterwaite and second by Curt Fackler that the attached resolution be signed by John and Ed and forward to the City . The resolution says the neighborhood recommends that the application for change be rejected. Motion Passed.
Barnes Rd PUD still not settled. So far the city has sided with the neighborhood.

Jim Bakke gave Community Assembly update. There are six portable flashing speed limit signs for the city. One was on Indian Trails over the weekend. Money for this came from red light cameras. Sidewalks have become an issue of discussion there are over 650 miles of road with no sidewalks in Spokane. There are multiple agencies and boards that deal with Sidewalks and Bicycle lanes. Needs to be coordinated effort so money is not wasted.

Crime update, March : assault 1, Burglary 5, Malicious mischief 7, Robbery 1, Vehicle Prowling 2, Vehicle theft 1.
There was a stabbing somewhere in the neighborhood, and two victims sought aid at Albertsons. Three individuals were involved and treated but are not cooperating with law enforcement.

Terry Deno handed out dump passes. They have to be used by May 1, 2011
Next meeting May 10, 2011 will involve Election of new officers.
Treasurer reported that we have $4541.66.

Curt Fackler

A Resolution To The City of Spokane From The North Indian Trail Neighborhood Council Recommending Rejection of Proposed Land Use Change Application City File Z1000056 COMP

This concerns the proposed change in Land Use on Parcel # 26166.0054 at the corner of N Indian Trail Road and Blackfoot from Neighborhood Mini-Center/Conservation Open Space to General Commercial.

We recommend that this application be rejected due to the unacceptable number of errors and falsehoods it contains, and due to the lack of justification for the proposed upgrade. Our objections are documented in detail in a large number of written Comments that have been submitted to the City Staff. This Application is fatally flawed and should be rejected. The key justifications cited for the proposed change are based on factual errors and falsehoods and are invalid. There is no convincing justification for the proposed change.

We believe the Neighborhood Mini-Center/Conservation Open Space Land Use originally established in the Spokane City Comprehensive Plan adopted 5/21/01 is still the proper use of this land. We believe that most, if not all, of the additional uses that would be allowed by a change to General Commercial are inappropriate and unacceptable and oppose such a change.
Therefore, be it resolved by the North Indian Trail Council to recommend to the City of Spokane to reject this application.

Adopted by a vote of _34__ to _0__on this 12th day of April, 2011.
John Dietzman, Co-Chairman ______________________
Ed Musser, Co-Chairman______________________

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