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Sep. 11, 2018 @ 7:00 PM at the The Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
Meeting Minutes :
May. 10, 2011 Meeting Minute
NITNC Minutes May 10, 2011

John Dietzman called meeting to order at 7:05PM at The Prince of Peace Lutheran Church with about 35 in attendance.

The first order of business was an update of the Police Ombudsman Tim Burns. He gave an update of the police activities in 2010 and the breakdown of complaints from the citizens.
Tim Burns contact information is:
The Old City Hall Building, 221 N Wall St Suite 238, Spokane WA 99201, phone 509-625-6742 Check out the website for more information at

May is the election of new officers for NITNC. The following individuals were nominated: Curt Fackler, Chairman; Tom Scott, Vice-Chairman; Linda Davis, Secretary; and Diana Postlewait, Treasurer. All nominees were elected unanimously.

The group voted to allocate additional funds to fight the Barnes Rd PUD project. See Attach.

Matt McCain gave a short presentation on the Neighborwoods Program. This is a partnership between citizens groups and Spokane Urban Forestry. Check out their website at If you would like to donate a tree in the name of a love one in the neighborhood go to:

Jim Bakke gave a Community Assembly Update. Two major issues: one is a survey concerning snow removal. We recommended that they conduct an internet survey. Second was a discussion concerning the number of vehicles allowed on residential property. Currently there are not any ordinances concerning the number of vehicles. The group agreed there needs to be teeth in any ordinance and the North Indian Trails Neighborhood does have a problem with cars that are not in driving condition stored in public view.

Walt Jones gave the following crime report Assaults 2 ; Burglary 2; Malicious Mischief 5; Residential Robbery 1; Vehicle Prowling 4
Walt stated that our neighborhood is currently one of the few neighborhoods still with patrols in the city. They need more volunteers.

Terry Deno did not have the report from the transfer station of the April cleanup effort.

We currently have $4,512.66 in our Bank account.

Curtis Fackler, Secretary

Authorization To Spend Additional NITNC Funds For Legal Assistance
Associated With the Barnes Road PP/PUD Application

On January 11, 2011 the NITNC Membership authorized the expenditure of up to $2000 to provide legal assistance in the defense of the City’s determination of expiration of the Barnes Road PP/PUD Application that was being appealed to the Hearing Examiner. A total of $848 was expended in that successful effort.
We are working with the City to explore the possibility of the NITNC intervening in the Superior Court law suit against the City challenging their determination of expiration.and providing extra resources in support of the City. We have discussed this idea with Rick Eichstaedt, an attorney who specializes in representing neighborhoods in land use issues. He has provided a cost estimate of what his involvement would cost. It ranges from $2400 to $3200.
Therefore, we are requesting authorization for Curt Fackler to sign, as the NITNC representative, an Attorney Representation Agreement with Rick Eichstaedt, and to spend up to a maximum of $3200 to provide legal assistance in the defense of the City’s determination of expiration of the Barnes Road PP/PUD Application that is being challenged by a law suit in Superior Court against the City..
Approved by the Membership in the regular monthly NITNC meeting on May 10, 2011 by a vote of ____30________ to _____0________.

Curt Fackler, Chairman NITNC

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