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Sep. 11, 2018 @ 7:00 PM at the The Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
Meeting Minutes :
Oct. 11, 2011 Meeting Minute

Curt Fackler, Chairman, welcomed 80 attendees. He gave brief updates on the Barnes Road LLC lawsuit. Nothing much has happened since our last meeting, except Mayor Verner responded to our second memo on 10-4-11 confirming that Barnes Road LLC is interested in a settlement of the lawsuit, but stating the City is not convinced they have a claim and specific settlement proposals have not been discussed. He reported that the collection of candidate projects for next year’s traffic calming project proposals is delayed until January.

Jim Bakke provided an update on Community Assembly activities. The main current issue before the CA is whether or not all Conditional Use Permit applications by churches and schools should be processed by the Planning Dept as a Type III application, rather than a Type II. The main differences are that the Type III process is lengthier - and more expensive, but allows more public input. Also, where the final decision in a Type II is made by the Planning Director, the Type III final decision is made by the Hearing Examiner. Jim will poll the NITNC membership by email in the next week or so to get our opinion (required because input is due before our next meeting).

Diana Postlewait reported we have $2793.31 in our treasury.

Walt Jones, NOP Representative gave a Crime Update. Crime for September was back down to historic moderate levels, and markedly reduced from the July and August surge. This is due to the public being on guard and the fact that 2 task forces working in our area have made a number of arrests. He also warned about a credit card scam. The crooks call your cell phone saying they are from a well known bank and that there was a problem with your card and asking for the your card number and social security number.

Terry Deno handed out $30 dump passes that would be good staring 10-15-11 for 2 weeks.

School Board Candidates Sally Fullmer and Deana Brower presented their qualifications and platform.

Community Bill of Rights Proposition 1 pros were presented by Kai Huschke (from Envision Spokane) and cons were presented by Kate Kaslan.

Measure No. 1 is a $15 million levy to build a County wide animal control and adoption center. County Commissioner Todd Milke gave a detailed presentation in favor of this measure. No one spoke in opposition.

Victor Frazier announced that the North West Association would be hosting a meeting with the other District 3 Neighborhoods for a Joint Candidates Forum where we will hear from the Candidates for Mayor, City Council President, and District 3 City Council Representative candidates. The Forum will be held on Thursday 10-20-11 at the at Browne Elementary School, 5102 W. Driscoll Blvd. at 7:00 pm

Submitted 10/15/11
John Dietzman, Past Co-Chairman
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