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Sep. 11, 2018 @ 7:00 PM at the The Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
Meeting Minutes :
May. 8, 2012 Meeting Minute

Curt Fackler, Chairman, NITNC, welcomed the 37+ attendees.

Jim Bakke provided an update on Community Assembly activities.

Diana Postlewait reported on our treasury.

Spokane Police gave a Crime Update.

Terry Deno reported on the successful Spring Cleanup dump pass program.

Dwight Hume, Consultant, made a second presentation on Dr. Brown’s desire to build a new Animal Clinic on the corner of Barnes and N Indian Trail and move his practice there after his lease runs out in Sundance Plaza. This will require a zoning change via the Comprehensive Plan Amendment process, and they have submitted an application for that.

John Dietzman reported on plans and registration procedure for the upcoming NITNC Yard Sale on 6-16-12.

Scott Chesney, Director of Planning and Development Services, reported on the function and services of his newly reorganized department.

Ray Wright, Senior Traffic Engineer, gave a progress report on the project to develop the engineering and cost estimate for the widening of N Indian Trail Road from Kathleen to Barnes.

Curt Fackler reported on the proposal to renew the Multi Family Tax Exemption for apartment complexes. The membership was unanimously against renewal of the MFTE, and voted to send a Resolution to that effect to the City Council. It reads:

A Resolution To The City of Spokane
From The North Indian Trail Neighborhood Council
Recommending the MFTE Not Be Renewed

This concerns the proposed renewal of the City of Spokane10 year Multiple Family Tax Exemption (MFTE). The NITNC members do not feel developers should be given tax incentives to build multiple family complexes in the North Indian Trail area. There have been over 300 units built in the neighborhood under this program. We believe there is no need for incentives to build more multifamily dwellings in our neighborhood. We also believe we should not be forced to pay higher property taxes to subsidize the owners of high priced apartments or condominiums elsewhere in the City.

Therefore, be it resolved by the North Indian Trail Council to recommend to the City of Spokane that the MFTE not be renewed.

Adopted by a vote of the Members present at our regular meeting: _____Yes, _____ No, _____Abstain, on this 8th day of May, 2012.

Curt Fackler, Chairman ______________________

Submitted: John Dietzman, Past Co-Chairman

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