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Meeting Minutes :
Jun. 12, 2012 Meeting Minute

Curt Fackler, Chairman, NITNC, welcomed the 39 attendees. He mentioned his Annual Report on the neighborhood to the City Council in the Townhall Meeting held 6-11-12. He said an Open House would be held on the MFTE renewal issue on 6-26-12, and that the Plan Commission would have a workshop on the proposed rezoning needed for the Animal Clinic on 7-11-12.

Jim Bakke provided an update on Community Assembly activities.

Diana Postlewait reported a balance of $1441.83 our treasury. This includes a $250.00 contribution from the Five Mile Prairie NC to help with the Barnes Road, LLC legal costs.

Spokane Police gave a Crime Update.

John Dietzman gave a reminder on the upcoming NITNC Yard Sale on 6-16-12.

Mark Rhodes, gave a presentation on the proposal to build a coal train receiving and marine shipping terminal in Bellingham for the shipment of mid-continent coal to the Pacific and the potential impact of the increased coal train traffic on the Spokane area.

Some the Candidates for office were heard from.

Curt Fackler led a discussion of the proposed changes to the Infill Housing Ordinance, the most significant of which would allow Multifamily residences in PUD's zoned for single family residential. The membership was opposed to this and other changes and passed a resolution by a vote of 27 to zero stating our concerns. It reads:

A Resolution To The Plan Commission and City of Spokane
From The North Indian Trail Neighborhood Council
Recommending Changes to the Draft Infill Housing Ordinance

This concerns the proposed changes to the Infill Housing ordinance. We share concerns about the current draft ordinance raised by “Neighbors 4 Neighborhoods”, and we support their proposed remedies.

First Issue: Neighborhood Notification & Character of our Neighborhoods

The draft of this proposed new ordinance does not allow for neighborhood review or a public notification process. In addition, it is permitted outright. It has no transition buffers and can be placed anywhere within the city boundaries - neighborhoods need to be advised of the project and have the ability to comment. Allowing this type of housing has the potential to change the character of established and historic neighborhoods. While pocket housing may be a solution in some cases, home owners have a right to participate in any process that would change the dynamics and/or property values in their neighborhood.

Our Recommendation: Make this ordinance a Type 3 Process. As this is a new proposed ordinance and there has been no pilot testing of it, we strongly believe that this should be a Type 3 Permitting Process, which allows for a community meeting and a public hearing in front of the hearing examiner. This would also make it consistent with the PUD process.
Change: Under C. Application Procedure: Pocket Residential Development is allowed as a Type 3 permit as any other subdivision processed under Subdivision Code 17G.080 SMC.

Second Issue: Density Calculation

The calculation of density under the current draft is based on "gross" area including area set aside for public and private streets, ROW and stormwater facilities.

Our Recommendation: Make this ordinance calculate based upon "Net" Density

For consistency and neighborhood character, we suggest density be calculated as any other small lot development (PUD) using "net" density which excludes tracts for public and private roads, ROW and stormwater facilities.

Therefore, be it resolved by the North Indian Trail Council to recommend to the Plan Commission and City of Spokane that the above changes in the draft Infill Ordinance be adopted.

Resolved Issue: Multifamily Residential in a PUD zoned Residential Single Family Prohibited

A proposal to add the option of building MFR in a PUD zoned RSF was made earlier and withdrawn following strong Neighborhood objections. This option is not in the current draft, but we want to go on record as strongly opposing any last minute attempts to reinsert this option in the final draft that will be voted upon by the Plan Commission and the City Council.

Adopted by a vote of the Members present at our regular meeting: __27___Yes, __0___ No, __0___Abstain, on this 12th day of June, 2012.

Curt Fackler, Chairman ______________________

Submitted: John Dietzman, Past Co-Chairman
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