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Sep. 11, 2018 @ 7:00 PM at the The Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
Meeting Minutes :
Nov. 11, 2003 Meeting Minute
North Indian Trail Neighborhood Council
Meeting Minutes for
November 11th, 2003

Welcome and Introductions, by Glenn Hall

Glenn Hall (GH) welcomed everyone to the meeting. GH announced that we have two representatives from the STA at tonight’s meeting as our guest speakers.

GH also made the following announcements:
- We still have no representative for the citywide traffic committee, which has been on going for almost two years now. We are looking for someone to serve our neighborhood by being on this committee.
- Our next meeting will be on January 13th at 7pm, as we have no meeting in December.
- Asked for a moment of silence to remember our Veterans.

Treasurer’s Report, by Scott Barrick

For November 11th 2003 our beginning balance was $1545.41, income of $30 was collected from the last meeting. Expenses were $164.96 for meeting refreshments and a $100 donation to the church as a thank you for letting us use their building. Our ending balance was $1410.45.

Beginning Balance: $ 1545.41
Income: $ 30.00
Expenses: $ (164.96)
Ending Balance $ 1410.45

Thank you, by Joe Shogan

Joe Shogan wanted to thank everyone who voted for him in his successful run as our City Council representative.

Storm Water Ordinance Update, by Ed Lewis

Ed Lewis (EL) introduced the hard working individuals who make up our Stormwater Committee. EL than gave a report on the latest activity of the group, which included:
- Meeting with City officials to discuss concerns about the Ordinance.
- Asked for High Risk area to be changed to Special Service Area
- Discovered 300-400 homes would be affected.
- Discussed the new draft that is being written
- Recommended we agree with the new draft with the addition of further amendments.

EL than summarized the information gathered from last month’s meeting concerning the West Nile Virus, and mentioned that the committee wanted the Ordinance to address this. EL also asked that the committee is looking for more volunteers to help out, and anyone interested should contact him.

Land Use Update, by Cheryl Fleming

Cheryl Fleming (CF) gave an update on all of the building developments and construction projects going on in our neighborhood. These included the following:

- Bonneville Grand Coulee Dam Transmission Line
o Work to begin after 1st of the year
o Will be a noise increase as they set new poles
o Contractor is suppose to notify people of activity in the area
- New Housing Developments
o Windhaven – 298 new homes, 212 unit apartment complex
- Neighborhood Plan is close to completion.

STA Presentation, by Jill Lamb and Molly Myers

Ms. Lamb and Ms. Myers gave a presentation on the current state of affairs for the STA and some of the problems they are facing. The most serious problem is the budget which was severely affected by the approval of I-695, which caused the STA to lose 40% of their budget. They discussed the various proposals the STA is considering to adjust the budget accordingly, including service cuts.

The latest route cut proposal doesn’t have any bus service in our neighborhood, with the closest bus stop being behind Rosauers at 5-mile. They also discussed other areas that will no longer receive service, which include Medical Lake, Fairchild, and Millwood. The only method the STA can see to prevent these cuts is to pass a sales tax increase.

Ms. Lamb and Ms. Myers than took questions from the audience.

Neighborhood Feedback/Questions, By Glenn Hall

Glenn Hall (GH) fielded questions from the floor regarding neighborhood concerns.

Meeting attendance was 49 people.

Next meeting is scheduled for January 13th, 2004.
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